10 Things We Want To See From Atreus In God Of War V

It’s a given that we’ll be seeing a sequel to 2018’s God of War in the coming years. The game won numerous awards in the industry with particular praise for its storyline and introduction of Kratos’s son, Atreus.

This boy is expected to have a larger role going forward, and fans’ hopes are to see more variety in Atreus’s characterization and gameplay quality. Since we’re still waiting on word for God of War V, it’s the appropriate time to get out our wish lists and look through these 10 things we want to see from Atreus in the next game.

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10 Dive Deeper Into Darker Material

Atreus was shown giving into the evil tendencies Kratos once had, which manifested once he found out he was a god. Following this, Atreus became brash and arrogant, before he regained his kind nature after causing catastrophe for himself and Kratos.

Now that we know that this kid is supposed to be Loki, there needs to a dark version of Atreus soon enough. It won’t make sense for Atreus to continue being a nice boy when he’s supposed to be the God of Mischief, and the next game should show Atreus became more vicious in nature.

9 Have Access To Melee Weapons

It was Kratos that we mainly used in the previous game, with Atreus’s role being solely to provide back-up to his father. The only time we could use this boy was when we needed some arrows in our favor, which would be very “been there, done that” if that’s all Atreus will do in God of War V.

His progression from a hapless kid to a warrior needs him to learn how to fight with melee weapons the way his father is famous for, and the game should have a feature where we get to control Atreus’s actions while he holds weapons needed for close range attacks.

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8 Be A Playable Character For Almost Half Of The Game

Kratos has been fated to die in the near future, or so it seems. With the plan to take out the series protagonist, it will be a natural progression to bring in Atreus as the new protagonist of God of War. In order to pull this off, the next title should have the player become accustomed to him.

For this reason, Atreus should be the playable character for at least about half of the game, where we have enough control of him to understand how he works. This was the method used by The Last of Us, and we now have Ellie as the main character in the sequel.

7 Have A Closer Relationship To Kratos

God of War was about the failures and successes that Kratos and Atreus met with over the course of their long journey, where the road was riddled with issues they had with one another. By the story’s end, these two seemed to be firmly bonded.

The sequel doesn’t have to show Atreus going back to resenting Kratos for whatever reason and should instead show father and son as having a greater bond. This would give true impact to Kratos’s death since Atreus’s pain at losing his father would be backed up by the good times we saw them have.

6 Have Brutal Killing Sequences

Atreus did have a couple of moments where his rage got the better of him and he went completely unleashed; however, those were few and far between. This time around, it shouldn’t be treated as something out of character whenever we see Atreus kill in a brutal way. Rather, his style should be shown to be closely resembling Kratos.

This would set him up as the successor of his father’s signature style, meaning we won’t be missing the beautifully brutal action set pieces where Kratos takes out huge enemies. Of course, Atreus’s own improvisations should be added in, as well.

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5 Show Flashbacks With His Mother

We only had Atreus’s word for how wonderful his mother seemingly was, with no shape and form provided to Faye whatsoever for our imaginations. It made sense to go this route at the time, seeing as the game was supposed to be about Kratos and Atreus.

However, this time around, Faye needs to be seen in flashback sequences with her son to really hit home why Atreus preferred her over Kratos so much. Since it’s also possible that Faye will be revealed as a villain in the next game, the flashback scenes will show what was once a loving mother and son relationship.

4 Be Noticeably Older

It was nice to get into the shoes of an innocent kid, and this highlighted the impact of him learning how to survive in a hellish world, but that’s not how Atreus should be shown all the time. It’s much better to have his appearances show him aging with each game. 

This is why an older Atreus is the way to go, as we’ll see how the boy is handling his teenage years and his rebellious phase. It would also give justification for Atreus becoming more viscous in nature, along with refreshing the character's image.

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3 Voice Acting Improved

For the most part, there wasn’t much to complain about with Atreus’s voice acting, but by no means was it perfect. While the actor did a good job of conveying the character’s innocence, he fell short in the times where Atreus was supposed to display his rage. 

Now that we’re looking for an older, more violent Atreus, the voice acting’s main point of focus has to be the moments where Atreus isn’t being a nice guy. If we see the same performance as the last game in this regard, then Atreus’s evolved character will fall flat.

2 Meet His Elder Sister

It would take a miracle for Calliope’s spirit to somehow show up in the Norse world, but crazier things have happened in the God of War series for us to hold on hope. The previous game fell short of our expectations where Kratos’s references to his original family were concerned, and Atreus needs to know he wasn’t the only child. 

The best-case scenario would be showing Atreus landing in Hades’ underworld in God of War V, where he would traverse his way to Elysium the same way Kratos had done in Chains of Olympus. Through this route, Atreus can finally meet his elder sister, giving way for an expanded arc about family.

1 Undergo A Transition Into A God

Atreus had unlocked the powers of a god he’d been keeping locked inside of him in the previous game, but these weren't focused upon in the slightest. It’s only natural for the story to move further now and show us how varied his god abilities are.

Seeing as he’s fated to be the God of Mischief, we can be in for an Atreus who is a master of magic-based attacks. This way, a new take on the gameplay of a God of War game will come about as we’ll be primarily using magic instead of melee attacks.

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