God of War Trailer Celebrates Father's Day with Spoilers

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What better way for PlayStation to celebrate Father's Day than with a trailer focusing on the PS4's newest father and son pairing? Sony released the latest trailer for God of War Sunday morning, a spoiler-rich collection of some of the more visceral moments shared between Kratos and Atreus from the game's story. For those who have already completed God of War, the trailer offers a compelling reflection on the pair's complex relationship. For those who have yet to play God of War, it's perhaps best to avoid the trailer until another time.

For those not wary of God of War spoilers, the trailer focuses mostly on one specific moment in the game. It's a cinematic sequence in the game where Kratos gives Atreus a knife. As Kratos explains in the trailer, he hand-made the knife out of both metals from his homeland and those of his wife and son's home. It represents who Atreus is and that it's a knife says so much.

There's also the fact, and this isn't mentioned in the trailer, that Atreus has up to this point wielded a different dagger - his mother's. This moment marks a transition from Atreus using his mother's knife to his father's, and it also marks Atreus' newfound knowledge of his heritage. It's this catalytic moment that drives the story forward towards the game's end and is a perfectly poignant Father's Day message.

Since its release date in late April, God of War has received an astonishingly positive reception from both critics and the PlayStation community alike. Kratos, in his new role as a father, and son Atreus have a tension and chemistry that's rare if not unfounded in video games. Seeing the two learn about each other and grow together is brilliantly realized, and that such an achievement is managed in an action game proves the virtue of the developers' intent. Kratos and Atreus' relationship isn't just a device or a mechanical feature, it's the point of the game.

That's why this trailer, which may not seem like a heartwarming or comforting Father's Day message at face value, is especially poignant. God of War playing dads and sons alike will appreciate that. And it can't be worse than Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann tweeting a The Last of Us photo of protagonist Joel in a photo with his daughter on Father's Day 2015, that's for sure.

God of War is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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