God Of War: 10 Things Fans Didn’t Realize Happened Between 3 & The PS4 Game

We were made to wait almost a decade to find out what became of Kratos after God of War III. The Ghost of Sparta’s last sighting had been of him seemingly at the fringes of death, but PS4’s God of War showed him to have settled in the Norse mythology world.

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Not only was he alive and well, he now had a son to take care of. This gave us a huge window of events we weren’t knowledgeable of, and the game’s story didn’t focus upon the gap between God of War III and the most recent installment. Since we’re sure you’re curious to gain insights over what transpired, here are 10 things that took place during this time period that you never realized happened.

10 Kratos's Love Story

Obviously, Kratos had fallen in love before with his first wife, but that was the human Kratos. The Kratos who slaughtered all of Greece was another case entirely, and one wouldn’t stop to consider that he actually fell in love.

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Not only that, but Kratos must have had a courting period as well. This means there was canonically a time period where Kratos had been involved in a love story where he and Faye got together before getting married. Who’s up for a Kratos romantic comedy movie?

9 Athena's Plan

Had there been a God of War IV instead of a God of War PS4, then we would have seen Athena take over as the main bad guy. As it happened, Athena did make an appearance in the new game, where she appeared as an hallucination to Kratos.

This might have made you overlook how Athena perhaps did move forward with whatever plans she had for the surviving people of Greece. With the power of hope taken away from her, Athena had some serious thinking to do; as Kratos was out of her way, she must have had all the time in the world to take over as the apex God to the Greek people.

8 The Greeks Rebuilding Their World

Even though Athena would have carried out her plans in some way, there’s no denying that the people of Greece made use of the power of hope. God of War III’s developers had explained how the game brought the world to being a realm without gods as we know in the present, and there’s no doubt that the Greeks were on their way to fixing the damage Kratos created.

Now that they were free from being subjugated by the gods, the people of the world would have used the hope burning within them to rally and make do with what was left for them to salvage.

7 The Remaining Titans' Fate

We can’t say for certain what happened to these guys, but no doubt the remaining Titans were left lost and without a purpose. You’ll recall Kratos had brought these Titans from the Titanomachy in the past, and not all of them had perished.

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This means that the Greek world still had a few Titans roaming about, with these behemoths now powerless to regain their former position as their leaders Gaia and Kronos were killed by Kratos.

6 Kratos' Epic Journey To The Norse World

We all think about the fact that Kratos reached the Norse world, but no one spares a thought as to how he reached there. There had to be an epic tale of perseverance on his part, as last we saw him he had a giant impalement in his torso from the Blade of Olympus.

This means that Kratos must have hauled himself up, reached some kind of sanctuary, stitched his wound somehow, and then made the journey to the ends of the seas to reach the new world. We don’t even mind if the developers decide to make an entire game focusing on Kratos’ adventures after God of War III, before he met Faye.

5 Kratos Got Over His Previous Family

The ending of God of War III showed Kratos tapping into his inner psyche to battle Zeus, where he confronted his demons and learned to forgive himself for his past sins. This involved saying goodbye to the images of the wife and daughter he’d killed, although the ending scene had Kratos note Pandora’s similarity to his daughter; he was clearly not completely over his family.

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Skip to PS4’s God of War, and Kratos doesn’t even mention to Atreus that he’d had a sister once. This proves that Kratos had a time of reflection before the game’s events where he learned to let go of his previous family’s memories and create new ones with Faye and Atreus.

4 Abandoning The Blade Of Olympus

Every fanboy lost their mind at the sight of the Blades of Chaos that Kratos had retrieved from the Greek world before arriving in Midgard, which caused them to forget that the Blade of Olympus was nowhere to be found.

That’s right, after the events of God of War III, our friend Kratos made the boneheaded decision to leave behind the most powerful weapon there was. Had he had this weapon during PS4’s God of War, then the events would have been way easier for him. But Kratos had chosen to leave it behind before the game’s story began.

3 Faye Begins Her Scheming

Many gamers who played PS4’s God of War complained about the lack of context over what transpired when Atreus and Kratos arrived at Jotunheim. The message people understood mainly was that Kratos was fated to die, but most didn’t realize Faye’s role in this.

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As was evident, it turned out that Faye had schemed to marry Kratos the whole time. According to the prophecy by the Frost Giants, Faye’s son was meant to be the one to take down the Norse Gods, meaning she had been aware Kratos would arrive from Greece and had planned to happen upon him after the events of God of War III.

2 Kratos Mastering His Rage In The Woods

Since we got our fill of Atreus’ childhood from his point of view in the game, fans aren’t aware that Atreus’ belief that Kratos was out hunting all the time when Faye was alive wasn’t the truth. 

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In reality, Kratos would head out to the forest for weeks at a time to master his rage. He had learned his anger had been his undoing in Greece, and would learn how to fend off enemies without slaughtering them out in the woods. This all took place before Faye’s death, and she lied to Atreus about Kratos’ whereabouts to conceal his true nature as a God.

1 Atreus Hoping To Bond With Kratos

Sadly, Atreus must have spent years trying to get Kratos to have a real relationship with him, only for Kratos to be absent for the most part. We only heard snippets of how their relationship was in conversation during the game, but it was made clear that Atreus had attempted to be close to Kratos.

This also means that, before Faye’s death, the child Atreus had undergone long spells of feeling abandoned by his father, something we didn’t see by ourselves and didn’t even realize until well after the game was over.

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