Note: The following post includes spoilers for God of War. Players that have not yet finished the game (seen credits roll) should turn back now.

It has been a few days since the release of God of War, and by now most PS4 owners are at various points in Kratos’ latest Norse adventure. Some are still trying to find those last collectibles before continuing on, while others are in the endgame, trying to defeat all the Valkyrie or survive the challenges of Muspelheim.

However, those that have “completed” God of War may not know that there is actually a secret ending to the game that teases what’s next for the series. If you have finished the game, you know that Atreus’ name according to the Giants is Loki, which suggests that the boy has a larger role to play in Norse mythology moving forward. Once Kratos and Atreus have a brief moment, they return to Midgard as the credits roll on-screen, signaling the end of this current story.

But there is more. If players return all the way to Kratos and Atreus’ home, they are given the option to rest by pressing ‘Circle.’ Doing so will see Kratos laying down in his bed and will trigger an additional cutscene.

After a brief fade to black, the game jumps forward several years and a crash of lightning is heard. As lightning rips through his home, Kratos rushes to the door, throws it open, and sees a mysterious, hooded figure surrounded by lightning strikes. He questions the mystery individual and receives no response. Instead, the mystery person pulls back part of their cloak, revealing a hammer attached to the left hip. It’s Thor.

hooded thor appears

While God of War players had hoped to have an epic throwdown with Thor at some point during the main story, Sony Santa Monica apparently wanted to draw things out. But the good news is we know that a confrontation with Thor is coming, the only question is when.

After the true ending scene concludes, players are once again free to explore the world of God of War. Atreus notes that he had a dream where Ragnarok was imminent and Thor visited their house, suggesting that the final scene was a premonition and not necessarily a teaser for the next game. As the tag explained, the Thor showdown takes place years later, so it’s possible that the next God of War will pick up before Ragnarok.

Nevertheless, players are left with an intriguing scene and the promise of an epic confrontation. Just like the ending to God of War 2, which saw Kratos ascending Mount Olympus ready to challenge Zeus, God of War wants to leave players excited for more.

God of War is available now for PS4.