God of War developer Santa Monica Studio reveal that the recently debuted gameplay demo from E3 2016 hides many Easter Eggs that fans have yet to find.

If Sony wanted to make a statement during its E3 2016 Press Conference, the studio couldn’t have done much better than God of War. With a demo that was much different in tone, style, and approach, Sony and its Santa Monica Studio proved that this God of War would be a departure for the series.

As part of its E3 2016 show floor presence, Sony brought an extended version of its Press Conference demo, meant to give fans a closer look at the highly anticipated game. It was during these demos that the God of War devs confirmed additional details, like the game’s setting, its cinematic approach, and Kratos’ relationship with his son.

Prior to the demo, however, the Sony Santa Monica devs did tease fans with a little treat. Apparently there are numerous Easter Eggs scattered throughout the God of War demo that fans have yet to discover. Or at least they said that no major Internet discoveries have been made.

While the demo rolled we kept our eyes peeled for anything that might look like an Easter Egg, but it’s hard to pick out details amidst the battling. Someone would likely need to go frame by frame in order to pick out those Easter Eggs and truly examine what they mean.

god of war 2016

We did see an unknown character briefly during the demo that looked like a specter. It’s unclear what exactly it was, but perhaps the mysterious figure could be a hint at the game’s larger story.

Anything would be useful at this point, as God of War’s story is mostly a mystery. Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog confirmed that the game is set after God of War 3 and not a complete reboot, and that Kratos is dealing with what it means to be a god, but that’s about it. Could be that the mysterious figure is from Kratos’ past and is trying to infringe on his new life.

Of course that is pure speculation at this point, like most of the news coming out of E3 2016. With no release date in sight, God of War is only beginning its promotional tour, and likely has a lot more to show to fans. We do know that the game has some spectacular set pieces in store for fans, so perhaps a demo like that might be coming later this year.

God of War will release for PS4.