About a month ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio released concept art for the PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War that depicted some preliminary drawings, sketches, and full blown set pieces for the forthcoming game’s Midgar realm. Now, the publisher and developer have decided to continue giving fans of the franchise a peek behind the curtain, as the companies have released a brand new “Lost Pages of Norse Myth” trailer that highlights conceptual artwork for the title’s Draugr enemy.

As seen below in the latest God of War trailer, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio show off several rough designs of different heads and faces that led to the creation of the final version of the Draugr, which is essentially an undead creature. Fittingly, each of the drawings on display portray a Norse version of what is more contemporarily known as a zombie or the walking dead.

As it so happens, this is far from the first instance of Sony and Santa Monica Studio giving God of War fans a look at the Draugr monster, as the publisher and developer have previously featured the creature in several different pieces of gameplay footage for the forthcoming title. For instance, the action-adventure release’s E3 2017 trailer shows the protagonist Kratos fending off several of them at a certain point, which leads to the Ghost of Sparta then brutally hacking through one’s shoulder and into its chest with the help of his magic axe.

All things considered, while the Draugr appears to be a relatively common enemy in God of War, it’s neat to see the initial ideas and conceptual art behind the creature that allowed it to come to fruition in the first place. With any luck, Sony and Santa Monica Studio will keep offering up more “Lost Pages of Norse Myth” in the future, and continue to unveil the schematics of the newer baddies that have yet to be encountered in the series so far.

God of War is scheduled to release sometime in early 2018 for PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation – YouTube