God of War Director Was a Dungeons and Dragons Playtester

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Cory Barlog, the game director of 2018's God of War, has an eclectic past. Given how exceptional the game that he and Santa Monica Studio put together is, that might not come as a surprise. But sometimes little bits of new information about Cory Barlog pop up that remind you just how much of a proper nerd he is. The latest example is a post on Twitter from Karen Lucero. Lucero posted a photo from the official Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit showing Barlog was an official adventure playtester.

The adventure in question is named Dragon of Icespire Peak, one of several adventures bundled into the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit. Dragon of Icespire Peak is meant to be a starter adventure, intended to help get new Dungeons & Dragons players into pen and paper. In the adventure a dangerous white dragon has taken home in a fortress on Icespire Peak, throwing the surrounding region into upheaval. It's unclear whether Barlog took on the dungeon master role or was a player.

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While this is a very interesting and cool detail, it's not hugely surprising. Cory Barlog, with all respect intended, is a huge nerd. He's a very big fan of Dungeons & Dragons, as anyone that follows him on Twitter can attest to. It's very cool that Barlog is also able to contribute to things like Dungeons & Dragons adventures while also creating incredible games with Sony Santa Monica. Maybe someday he'll write a God of War-themed adventure to share.

One other interesting detail from the adventure's list of playtesters is the name Jade Raymond. While it hasn't been confirmed whether this is the game industry's very own Jade Raymond, now leading Google's Stadia Games and Entertainment division, it certainly seems possible. Perhaps there's an exclusive club of video game studio leads and executives getting together and playtesting Dungeons & Dragons when they can spare the time.

Cory Barlog has an impressive past behind him. One day he should really make a video detailing his path into video games and general nerdery, as he seems extremely relatable. His father J.M. Barlog is a fantasy novelist, who also wrote the novelization of God of War 2018. It's no surprise Cory's grown up to be a huge Dungeons & Dragons fan, or that he writes epic fantasy stories about Kratos with a father well-versed in fantasy. It's in his DNA.

God of War is available now exclusively on PS4.

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