God of War Baldur Statue is Insanely Expensive

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Sony Santa Monica Studio, the developer of 2018's God of War, is partnering with one of the most well-regarded premium hobbyist statue creators Prime 1 Studio. Prime 1 Studio will be offering two God of War statues built to the standards of its Ultimate Premium Masterline. The first statue will be of God of War villain Baldur, paired with several Brood enemies. The second statue will be of Kratos and his son Atreus. Befitting the quality of the statues, the two will fit together to create a battle between the foes.

The God of War "Baldur & Broods" statue will be the first priority for Prime 1 Studio while the "Kratos & Atreus Statue" will be detailed at a later time. To clarify straight away, these are premium Polystone statues and are priced accordingly. The Baldur statue will cost $1,199 total and pre-orders will require a $119.90 down payment to secure a reservation. The statues are not limited; however, only the first 500 will be given an exclusive God of War logo stand.

As for the Baldur statue itself, it's 24.5" tall at 1/4 scale. Baldur himself is depicted in extremely high detail with each of his runic tattoos painted clearly on his upper body. The base of the statue is designed to look like the snowy shards of shattered ruins and tangled roots, with three green Brood warriors reaching out from below. One of the warriors appears to be the target of Atreus' bow, with arrows awkwardly sticking out from their helm.

The premium nature of the Baldur God of War statue means that it won't be available for some time. A demo version of the statue has been made and a video recording provided for potential buyers to view. The final version's release is being targeted between July and November 2020, but delays are possible. Prime 1 Studio is known for its standards of quality and it will take as much time as necessary to meet them.

This isn't the first time that Sony has partnered with Prime 1 Studio to create premium statues for its PlayStation-exclusive games. Previous statues have been made for games including Shadow of the Colossus and Bloodborne, and Prime 1 has the license to create a Horizon Zero Dawn statue as well.

God of War is available now exclusively for the PS4.

Source: Prime 1 Studio

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