God of War Platinum Trophy Avatars Sent to PS4 Users

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As the recipient of numerous Game of the Year nominations and awards, it’s safe to say that Sony Santa Monica’s God of War was pretty popular. PS4 players around the globe invested a lot of time into the game, and those who did (almost) everything will soon see their effort rewarded.

Reports from PS4 players on Reddit have revealed that Sony is sending out special God of War avatars to those who have obtained the Platinum Trophy in the game. These avatars are monochromatic versions of the God of War pins that were released on the PlayStation Store to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of the game’s release date.

The God of War Platinum avatars feature most of the iconic characters from the game, starting with Kratos and Atreus and running all the way through the cast to the World Serpent.

For those PS4 players who may be wondering about how to obtain the God of War Platinum avatars, the process is a little complicated depending on two things. First, if you have already opted in to the PlayStation promotional e-mails and second if you did that before or after obtaining the God of War platinum.

Because of the way Sony handles Platinum tracking for these rewards – like the Days Gone Platinum avatar and theme – users are supposed to have opted into the e-mails before they got the Platinum for a game. It is possible to contact support and still gain the reward but not everyone has been successful doing so.

As far as Platinum Trophies go, God of War’s is not too bad. Some of the harder trophies require completing the Muspelheim challenges and finding all of Odin’s Ravens, but luckily there isn’t a Trophy tied to the extremely challenging ‘Give Me God of War’ difficulty setting. Really, if players digest all of the content that Sony Santa Monica put into God of War, they should be only a few trophies away from the Platinum. However, make sure to opt-in to the emails before getting the Platinum if you want the God of War exclusive avatars.

God of War is available now for PS4.

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