Following the recent announcement of the God of War prequel, God of War: Ascension, we’ve seen a string of other PS3 exclusive announcements including, most notably, the official reveal of the Smash Bros-style fighter, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Late last week, we even got word of further unveilings in the coming days – and now we’ve got the full reveal of God of War multiplayer mayhem in Ascension, including gameplay footage of the mode in action as well as batch of new information.

Details on the new mode are, at this point, pretty limited – and it’s unclear whether the multiplayer in God of War: Ascension will fall under the uninspired, tacked-on, experience category (we’re still looking at you Dead Space 2) or a fun, albeit mostly brainless, offering that adds extended replay ability by way of allowing players to revel in a game’s enjoyable combat mechanics (Mass Effect 3).

The Sony Santa Monica team will reveal further gameplay modes in the future but, at this point, players should be expecting a number of objective-based co-operative experiences – where teams battle for high scores, critical territories (that, if secured, allow for massive environmental events), among other modes.

Check out this first look at God of War: Ascension multiplayer (via Games Radar) to see what we mean:


Rumors of God of War multiplayer have been circulating for years, some pre-dating the release of God of War 3, and while the mode could provide a fun distraction from the main Ascension campaign, it’s hard to imagine a lot of gamers getting too worked-up about the offering – especially given that, at this point, very little information has been unveiled regarding what will keep players invested in the mode.

That said, while it’s hard to imagine a lot of die-hard God of War multiplayers, there are some fun options in the offering – so, even if it is mostly brainless, the experience could be pretty entertaining. In addition to customizing their Spartan warrior, players will select a god to worship (Zeus, Poseidon, Aries, or Hades) – each with unique special abilities – as well as select from a variety of weaponry.

As a result, it’s easy to imagine plenty of players hopping online to experiment with friends for post-campaign hack-and-slack mayhem – whether or not Sony Santa Monica can keep them coming back remains to be seen.

God of War Multiplayer Combat

Needless to say, we’re eager for further details – in order to get a clearer picture of just what God of War: Ascension multiplayer (as well as the single player story) has to offer.

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Source: USA Today