When God of War: Ascension arrives next March, it’ll be the first game in the series to include both a single-player campaign and a full-featured multiplayer mode. No less an authority than God of War creator David Jaffe has gone on record with his belief that Ascension’s multiplayer “looks cool” — but why take his word for it when you can check the game out for yourself?

A God of War: Ascension worldwide multiplayer beta is due to kick off soon, and as with nearly every other beta that graces PlayStation hardware, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be the first through the proverbial door. A new God of War: Ascension multiplayer trailer (above) has been released to show off what players can expect from the beta.

The single-player campaign in Ascension is set at the dawn of the God of War timeline, six months after Kratos tragically (and brutally) murdered his wife and child. The game’s multiplayer component, however, is an entirely different animal, and doesn’t center on Kratos at all. At its core, the multiplayer mode in God of War: Ascension pits two teams of four players each against one another as they battle for the Favor of the Gods — which, conveniently enough, is the name given to the game’s “signature” multiplayer mode (presumably, there are other modes that have yet to be revealed).

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Trailer

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, God of War: Ascension Game Director Todd Pappy describes the choices each warrior will face as they start on their path to becoming a Champion of the Gods — though some details are left tantalizingly vague (for now).

“Where and how you begin as a Warrior in God of War: Ascension multiplayer is a mystery you’ll discover at launch, there is a story to ‘you,’ notwithstanding, your first decision will be to pledge your allegiance to one of 4 familiar Gods: Zeus, Hades, Ares and Poseidon. Each God will offer a unique combat play-style and devastating abilities in battle. You’ll unlock special magic abilities, new and upgraded armors and weapons, mystical relics and other treasures as you earn XP to level up your Warrior.”

While each will have an incredible array of combat maneuvers, the ‘attack-style’ of the God you align with is critical to your Warriors ‘path.’

Our Warrior customization and XP system is going to keep you serving your God for centuries to come. It is your goal to become a true God of War, a Champion of the Gods. When you head into battle with friends and foes, you will have teammates aligned to all of the Gods, not only balancing out the strengths of each team, but creating a mythical and diverse combat war in every match.”

God of War has always been about Kratos’ story, and despite the obvious effort the team at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio is lavishing on Ascension’s multiplayer mode, that will probably continue to be the case for many players. Still, the game’s novel ideas — like battling for the chance to decimate Polyphemus, the colossus who stands ringside in the multiplayer trailer — could help keep fans playing Ascension’s multiplayer long after Kratos’ campaign has been completed. Plus, it’s not exactly as if the market is overflowing with eight player team-based fighting games.

Ranters, are you looking forward to Ascension’s multiplayer mode, or are Kratos’ origins all you’re interested in? If you haven’t yet subscribed to PlayStation Plus, will Ascension beta access prompt you to give it a shot? Let us know in the comments below.

God of War: Ascension releases March 12, 2013, for PS3. The game’s multiplayer beta is due in the “near future.”

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Source: PlayStation.Blog