Gamers interested in getting some hands-on time with Kratos’ return in God of War: Ascension might not have to wait as long as they initially planned. Just today it has been announced that packaged in with the Blu-Ray of Total Recall (a remake distributed by Sony) will be a demo for God of War: Ascension.

While gamers intrigued by the game’s premise need only look to past God of War games for an indication as to how Ascension plays, it’s the co-op gameplay that many might be interested in checking out. Unlike past God of War gamesh, whic focused on Kratos’ quest for revenge against Greek gods like Zeus, Ares, and Poseidon this title allows several gamers to get in on the party.

Yes, the game has its own single player story mode, but it’s the multiplayer that will presumably be the game’s biggest selling point. Sony Santa Monica‘s intent with God of War: Ascension, is to tell a story that precludes the first three God of War games, and even the PSP spin-offs Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta.

Sony made the announcement over on the PlayStation Blog where they claim that, for a limited time, copies of Total Recall on Blu-Ray will come with the God of War: Ascension demo. Total Recall will be available on home video December 18th. No word on how long the offer will last, but we do know that the demo in question will be the one offered to E3 2012 attendees earlier this year.

In it, Sony Santa Monica showed off some of the game’s revamped combat as well as its improved quick-time events. On the surface, the vertical slice still felt like God of War, but there were a few new moving parts worth checking out, primarily in the game’s multiplayer offering.

Totall Recall Box Art - God of War Demo


Cross promotion between games ā€” like Medal of Honor: Warfighter offering early access to the Battlefield 4 beta ā€” isnā€™t something new, but to see a demo offered with a movie is pretty telling of said film’s quality. And when it’s a game as highly anticipated as the next entry in the God of War franchise, it indicates the movie might not even be worth one viewing.

God of War: Ascension is slated to release in March, so those uninterested in forking over $20+ for a bad sci-fi remake starring Colin Farrell needn’t wait that long to get their hands on the full game anyways. As far as the demo is concerned it appears that this is the only way to check it out for now.

Will you be picking up Total Recall in order to play the God of War: Ascension demo? Are you excited for this sequel, or do you think that the franchise has had its time?

God of War: Ascension releases March 12, 2013 for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog