Well-known industry insider Shinobi602 reveals that there will be a ‘big coming out party’ for God of War 4 at E3 2016, but don’t expect The Last Of Us 2 to be announced.

With a number of highly-anticipated E3 2016 presentations scheduled for the next few days, it’s no surprise that intriguing tidbits about upcoming games have started leaking out. Earlier this week, well-known industry insider Shinobi602 caused a stir when he revealed that Bethesda is planning to unveil a remaster of Skyrim at its E3 showcase. However, if Shinobi602’s latest word is to be believed, the Skyrim remaster isn’t the only big announcement that gamers should keep an eye out for.

Speaking on the latest episode of Video Game Sophistry, Shinobi602 revealed that there will be a “big coming out party” for God of War 4, though the game may not be called God of War 4. Interestingly, he then further stated that while Kratos is “most likely” in the game, he may not be the protagonist. Given that the leaked God of War 4 art from a few months ago suggests that the game will feature a Norse mythology setting, it will be intriguing to see exactly how Kratos fits into the hypothetical new God of War title.

Moving on from God of War, Shinobi602 talked about Naughty Dog’s rumored upcoming title, The Last of Us 2. While he didn’t outright confirm the existence of the game, Shinobi602 did state that the developer was prototyping the game at the very least. But for those wishing to see The Last Of Us 2 at E3 2016 will be disappointed, as Shinobi602 said that it is unlikely that the game will be announced at the conference.

News of this God of War 4‘s reveal is just one of many exciting tidbits that has come out of the E3 rumor mill, such as the recent speculation over a new 2 TB Xbox One model and the possible reveal of highly-anticipated games such as Dead Rising 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2. While there have been a number of notable pull-outs from big name studios – such as Electronic Arts –  this year’s conference is shaping up to be one of the best events yet.

Whether Shinobi602’s word is true remains to be seen, though he has proved to be correct in the past, such as his early reveal of Infinite Warfare‘s space setting. One thing is for sure, everyone will be keeping tabs on all of the big E3 press conferences this year, and for those not wanting to miss out on any surprises, be sure to check out the E3 2016 conference schedule.

Source: YouTube  (via GameSpot)