'God of War 4' & 'Syphon Filter 4' Announcements Next Month?

God Of War 4 Kratos Announcement

Now that 2011 and all of the buzz surrounding its many triple-A video game releases firmly in our rearview - gaming enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see what iconic sequels will be announced for release in 2012 and beyond. Over the last few days we've been treated to a myriad of Resident Evil 6 rumors and details - ramping up anticipation for the high-profile title with a trailer and November 2012 release date.

What other unannounced games might we see announced in the coming months? According to new rumors, Sony is preparing two major reveals arriving as soon as February - Syphon Filter 4 and God of War 4.

According to UK magazine, PLAY, which ran a feature on the "10 Games That Will Be Announced This Year," both God of War 4 and Syphon Filter 4 are set to be unveiled next month - though it's not entirely clear when either title will actually reach store shelves. If the rumors are true, one thing is for certain - neither title will be arriving on a next generation console (as a PS4 announcement would be premature at this point).

God of War 4 has enjoyed plenty of pre-announcement buzz with rumors of the game's development stretching back nearly as far as God of War 3's release - until the game was unofficially outed by musician Timothy Williams. As for what players can expect from the story and gameplay, numerous rumors had suggested that the upcoming title would include an online multiplayer component (likely co-op) - speculation that was further corroborated by details that suggested Kratos would team-up with long-dead brother Deimos.

What we'll actually see when the game is (inevitably) announced is definitely unclear at this point but given the conclusion of God of War 4 and player-requests for some form of God of War multiplayer, it's easy to imagine a scenario where Kratos and Deimos fight their way out of Hades together.

Also, while there's no official way of knowing when the game will arrive, God of War 3 enjoyed blockbuster success in a mid-March 2010 timeslot. As a result, it's certainly possible that Sony's Santa Monica Studio could be eyeing a similar date for 2013.

Syphon Filter on Vita

Along with a robust amount of pre-announcement details for God of War 4, news on the long-waiting Syphon Filter 4 title has successfully flown under the radar for some time. Rumors indicated that the title was in development at SCE’s London Studio and that the game was being positioned for a Winter 2012 release date. Obviously, as indicated in the Resident Evil 6 timeframe, a February announcement and end-of-year 2012 release are certainly possible. What players might be able to expect from the sequel (which would be the first console Syphon Filter title in over 10 years) is still entirely up in the air.

We'll keep you posted on the development (and potential announcement) of Syphon Filter 4 and God of War 4.


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Source: PLAY (via Sillegamer)

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