God of War 4 Predictions

It feels almost like fate: not one month after Sony unveils the PlayStation 4 they have a new God of War game hitting store shelves. Titled God of War: Ascension, this newest proper console release focuses on the early days of Kratos, before he became the eponymous “god of war.” Specifically, the game focuses on our hero’s attempts to break free of his bond to Ares; a bond that led to the death of Kratos’ wife and daughter.

However, as we prepare for a glimpse into Kratos’ past we also look forward to what might be in his future. There are few franchises we can think of that would benefit better from some increased graphical power, so we hope that God of War 4 is in our future, sooner rather than later. And just in case Sony Santa Monica is listening, here are a few things we hope the sequel includes.

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