After answering questions on Twitter, God of War director, Corey Balrog, reveals that motion capture shooting hasn’t wrapped up quite yet, though it’s nearly done.

After surprising the crowd with a lengthy gameplay demo at E3 2016, it’s safe to say that many fans expected to see something else for the upcoming God of War this past weekend at the PlayStation Experience. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as the newly Norse mythology inspired title has seemingly gone dark once more, leaving fans to continue to speculate. While nothing official has been seen or heard for a few months now, a few new details have finally appeared online, giving fans a small window into where development currently is.

Recently¬†God of War director, Corey Balrog has taken to Twitter to try and answer some of the burning questions fans have on the game. While most of them he couldn’t answer outright, one question directly asked if the motion capture work had been finished. Balrog admitted that the majority of the scenes had wrapped shooting, but the team isn’t completely finished with it yet.

@Filthy_Mortze We finished most of the shooting, but there are still some things to shoot.
— Cory Barlog (@corybarlog) December 6, 2016

Other fan questions¬†included topics like the rune that’s embedded in the trolls arm from the E3 demo, the name of Kratos’ son, and that the game may include a boss fight or two based around flying mechanics last seen in Balrog’s previous work on God of War 2. While there isn’t a timetable for when fans might get more information or even a new trailer, Balrog revealed that the team is currently pushing hard in order to meet a big deadline. With the holiday season quickly approaching, it appears fans will more than likely need to wait until sometime in 2017.

@SuPeRSAyiAnToNy I hope so. Focused on getting things done right now.
— Cory Barlog (@corybarlog) December 5, 2016

Along with the new Norse theme, the E3 demo revealed that the tone for the series has apparently shifted as well. Taking inspiration from recent PlayStation blockbusters like The Last of Us, God of War now seems to focus on the relationship between a much older Kratos and his son. Though his Blades of Chaos appear to be swapped out for a magic battle axe, Kratos also relies on the inexperienced hands of his son. As previously revealed, players can call the son into battle to help along with being able to upgrade him through the course of the game.

Though it’s been a long ride for the battle weary Kratos, Sony Santa Monica has confirmed that this won’t be the Spartan’s last ride. The demigod will be appearing in subsequent games, though if that means this will spawn a new trilogy or become a set of standalone¬†stories like God of War Ascension, isn’t yet known.

When do you think we’ll hear more on the upcoming PS4 exclusive? Share your theories in the comments below.

God of War doesn’t have a release window at the moment but is in development as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.