'God of War 4' Once Again Outed by Composer Job Listing

God of War 4 Composer Listing

While there’s still no official confirmation from Sony that God of War 4 is in development, a substantial amount of information has begun to build up that suggests it is. First came word that Sony Santa Monica, the studio behind the numbered God of War titles was staffing up for another God of War adventure, which all but confirmed that gamers were going to see Kratos return.

And then, just last week came some new game tidbits that revealed God of War 4 might feature a co-op mode that would allow players to inhabit either Kratos or Deimos. Deimos of course being Kratos’ brother featured prominently in Ghost of Sparta.

This new rumor, however, doesn’t reveal any more juicy game details, but it is practically the nail in the coffin of God of War 4’s existence. That proverbial nail comes in the form of a resume posting by Timothy Williams, who lists God of War IV as one of his projects.

Though Williams claims to be working on “orchestrations and some additional music” for God of War 4, he does cite Tyler Bates as being the game’s main composer. Bates, who has worked on many Zack Snyder projects including 300, seems like a solid choice to deliver that epic score.

As is the case with many of these revelatory job postings and resumes, Williams God of War 4 credit has since been taken down, adding even more credibility to this rumor being true.

It’s also worth mentioning that God of War has enjoyed tremendous success on the PSP, and could help kick the newly released PlayStation Vita off right if it were to make an appearance. Perhaps Williams only knows that he is working on a God of War title, but does not know which one it truly is.

Either way, it seems like a no-brainer that Sony would want to continue delivering God of War titles well into their next console’s life cycle -- but the way the third game left things seemed like the perfect wrap up to a trilogy. It’s still very early for Sony to even begin talking about another God of War, but gamers should definitely be intrigued.

With the way God of War 3 left things, would you prefer a Vita side story or a fully-fledged God of War 4? What would you hope to see out of a new Kratos adventure?

Source: Siliconera


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