Retailer Possibly Tips Off 'God of War 4' Announcement

God of War 4 Announcement Possible

When will we be getting a God of War 4 announcement? It's the perpetually on-and-off question that feels like it's been floating around in our heads since the days of Zeus himself. Throughout all of last year, we were teased with rumors about resume postings, job listings, and multiplayer -- all to no avail. Yet.

Despite the lack of official confirmation, we know it's only a matter of time before Kratos claws his way back on to the gaming scene. Fans are asking anyone who is anyone for even the smallest hint at a God of War 4 announcement, and thanks to one retailer's attempt at humor gone awry, they might have gotten their wish.

Future Shop, the retailer who's @FS_Gamer Twitter feed provided updates on yesterday's "Destination PlayStation" event (and was fresh off dropping a reveal of LittleBigPlanet Karting), was asked by a Twitter user if they had any information on a God of War 4 announcement. Because why stop now?

Right on cue, Future Shop Gamer re-tweeted the question with a simple response, later picked up by a NeoGAF poster:

“@brad_re: @FS_Gamer ...god of war 4 announcement as a final maybe?!” Great Question. (;"

It seems like a cagey enough answer; anyone who's up to snuff on the emoticon lexicon knows that "(;" is a playful wink or smirk and shouldn't be taken seriously. However, when you realize that the tweet was soon recanted (right alongside the myriad of LBP Karting details), it's a possible indicator that FS Gamer is holding something back -- and that someone #-) at Destination PlayStation.

We can't imagine that God of War 4 won't be announced at some point in 2012. It's been almost two years since the conclusion of Sony Santa Monica's beloved God of War 3, and the stars (read: sales and plot) are aligned quite nicely for fourth outing.

The timing of FS Gamer's possible hint also fits perfectly into a recent rumor that Sony was planning to unveil two major titles this month. Could they be LittleBigPlanet Karting and God of War 4?

If the rumors turn out out to be true, than we cant wait to see what Sony has in store for the part platforming, part enemy deforming mythical Greek saga. Multiplayer has been talked about on several occasions, and we'd love to see confirmation of the rumor that Kratos and Deimos will be teaming up for a co-op component.

Ranters, what would you like to see in God of War 4? Do you think an official announcement is right around the corner?


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Source: NeoGAF [via CVG]


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