Bandai Namco releases an eleven minute prologue video that details the chaotic, monstrous world that players will be tasked with defending in God Eater Resurrection.

The trailer is designed like a short anime episode and produced by famed animation studio ufotable, lending God Eater Resurrection‘s beginning a very cinematic and dramatic feel. The animation is set in the year 2065, detailing the adventures of three young God Eater recruits as they are sent to the Eurasian area formerly known as Russia. Humanity is on the brink of extinction thanks to being hunted by the monstrous Aragami, creatures seemingly entirely devoted to the eradication of all life on the planet. If the plot sounds like a traditional RPG endeavor like older Final Fantasy entries set in the future, that’s because it very much is.

The prologue is meant to help establish what players can expect from the newest God Eater installment rather than demonstrate any gameplay, so those hoping for a look at what the localized game will play like after its international release will have to wait longer. Instead, Bandai Namco‘s trailer helps fans get familiar with some of the main characters of God Eater Resurrection, namely Soma, Lindow, Tsubaki and the wonderfully-named Johannes von Schicksal.

The doom and gloom that seems to characterize the world of God Eater Resurrection shouldn’t shock gamers familiar with the role-playing games that Bandai Namco has been releasing lately. In fact, 2065 Eurasia seems a great deal cheerier than the recent Dark Souls 3 intro trailer, another Bandai Namco RPG that has garnered a significant fan following for its brutality and deep gameplay. Of course, it’s not all depressing, washed-out landscapes and hopeless battles against the odds for these kinds of games: Dark Souls 3 recently featured Cyndi Lauper on one of the game’s trailers, imploring fans to hold out hope and let their true colors shine through.

The difference between these two game’s fanbases might be fairly large, but the fact remains that God Eater Resurrection could be an exciting addition to many RPG gamers’ playlists in the summer of 2016. Even if both games end up to be bigger hits than expected, however, it’s going to be tough to top last year’s premium RPG selection. In fact, one could easily argue that 2015 was the best year for RPGs in quite some time, and God Eater Resurrection will have to put the same kind of loving detail shown in the beautifully animated prologue into its gameplay to measure up to the titans that came just a year before it.

Does God Eater Resurrection interest you? How do you feel about prologues being animated rather than using the in-game engine? Let us know in the comments below.

God Eater Resurrection will be available internationally for PS4, PS Vita, and the PC via Steam in the summer of 2016.

Source: Youtube