Coffee Stain Studios launches Goat Simulator into space with its latest expansion, which makes fun of just about everything space-related that gamers know and love.

Coffee Stain Studios manages to make fun of just about everything in the latest trailer for the newest Goat Simulator expansion, which boasts the self-depreciating title Waste of Space. The video manages to recreate several iconic Star Wars scenes from movies both old and new, while simultaneously making fun of crowdfunded space games like Star Citizen, the Kickstarter model itself, and several other science fiction staples.

As fans should expect by now, nothing is off-limits for Goat Simulator. Not even space.

The expansion promises to let players visit space today (or “get old waiting for that other space game you already paid for”), allowing players to take crowdfunding in a literal sense by building a crowd to inhabit a new space colony, led by an Arnold Schwarzeneggar-sounding governor who is a living critique of the Kickstarter business model. The game will include a nearby planet for exploration, and the ability to fly a spacecraft and make things explode. In short, typical goat things.

Take a gander at the Waste of Space trailer below, which manages to poke fun at just about any property that has ever graced the subject of space.

The trailer pokes fun at Mass Effect‘s romance scenes, and shows the goat getting quite frisky with what we can only presume is one of the goat’s own crew members. Screenshots for the new expansion also reveal that the trademark Mass Effect conversation system will also appear in the game, though it looks like every answer available to the player will still just be ‘baa’.

The trailer takes things into overdrive as it starts to cut more frequently, and throws several more parodies into the mix: A Star Trek-looking man beams down to a planet, only to find the face-huggers from Alien eagerly awaiting, having been recently spewed out from an alien goat. A cat in the form of a Portal turret then begins to unfurl, which leaves more questions than it answers. As the trailer comes to a close, the hashtag ‘#MakeSpaceGreatAgain’ pokes fun at Donald Trump, who recently had his own run-in with a game-related space video.

This isn’t the first wacky physics based game with an unexpected protoganist to touch on the subject of zero gravity, as I Am Bread ventures beyond the sky, too. Goat Simulator, however, offers plenty of more things to do than just moving around – although getting anywhere in that game is half the fun!

The expansion for Goat Simulator is already available on Steam for $4.99, and Xbox One gamers eager to test out the game at no cost can do so when Goat Simulator becomes a free title for the month of June.

Goat Simulator is currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. This goat gets around!