‘Goat Simulator’ Getting Multiplayer & More Goats Next Month

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Already the winner of 2014’s GOTY (“G” stands for “Goat” in this case), Coffee Stain Studios’ virally-marketable hit Goat Simulator has been a major talking point of the industry for the last two weeks. A rather unexpected release from the markers of the enjoyable FPS tower defense games Sanctum and Sanctum 2, Coffee Stain enters the ‘Sim’ game market with their own take on the life of a goat. The completely over-the-top and insane, fictitious life of an invincible and destructive goat.

If you’ve seen the Goat Simulator trailer, watched gameplay videos of the title in action, or even read our Goat Sim review, you’re well aware of what this title is all about. Whereas in the ’90s, Simulator games were about actually offering an authentic sim experience to players, in recent years, it’s a gag. From Farming Simulator to the more recent Surgeon Simulator, the genre and title is now a way to a parody real-life scenarios and take the mundane and make it insane.

Goat Simulator is the epitome of that notion, putting players in control of a goat who can blow up cars, murder people, enter secret castles, become a giraffe, a queen, a devil and more. And, you can do it all in slow-motion. The only thing the “small, broken and stupid game” (developer’s words) is missing – outside of some major polish of course – is multiplayer. Thanks to the popularity of the title however, it’s coming in the game’s first major patch.

Goat Simulator Multiplayer

The game only took a few weeks to make, and it offers a surprising amount of content and depth, all things considered – but in reality, it’s not that great or replayable, as fun as it is. The Goat Simulator 1.1 patch – announced this morning via Twitter – aims to rectify some of that with a new map, and splitscreen multiplayer.

Two demon goats is better than one!

Have you tried Goat Simulator? What feature(s) would you like to see most in the game, officially, or via mods? Did we mention the game supports mods? Check out this super-broken, but funny gameplay video remix of Shrek in Goat Simulator:

And for more Goat Simulator gameplay videos, check our my own channel here.


Goat Simulator is available on Steam.

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