Goat Simulator Gets Free (Sort of) MMO Expansion

By | 2 years ago 

Since post-launch updates have largely been replaced by paid DLC, it’s great to see a studio going above and beyond to deliver extra content for their game — especially when the results are as strange and brilliant as the upcoming MMO update for the ever-eccentric Goat Simulator.

The 1.2 patch for the game, set to go live later this week, will take the titular goat on his greatest adventure yet. Leaving behind the base game’s town environment for a new fantasy landscape, the free expansion looks set to add a host of new content to ensure the game is the premier goat-based MMO on the market.

It should be noted however, that the expansion is being referred to as Goat MMO Simulator rather than Goat Simulator MMO — this isn’t a true MMO, just a simulation of one. In fact, there’s no multiplayer shown in the trailer at all… However, all the tropes of the genre that you would expect to be targeted by Coffee Stain Studios’ unique sense of humor are here.


Five classes are available to players; Warrior, Rogue, Magician, Hunter and Microwave — the latter making your in-game avatar a kitchen appliance with legs rather than the traditional goat. From there you’ll be able to develop your character up to a level cap of 101, one level higher than another popular MMO title.

Standing in your way are a host of new creatures for you to contend with. Standard fantasy fare like demons look set to make an appearance, as well as mermaids and even what looks to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


While enjoyment of the game itself will likely still hinge on whether or not players find the thought of playing as a goat and the jankiness that goes along with it amusing, it’s very hard to fault Coffee Stain Studios for supporting their game like this. In an era when even cosmetic bonuses typically have to be paid for, the concept of such a large expansion being offered for free months after the game was released is always going to engender good will towards a developer.

If for nothing else, this new content adds yet more to a game that was already bursting at the seams with the weird and wonderful as Goat Simulator. The game is a classic example of a joke getting out of hand — and this new MMO content looks like the perfect continuation of that.

The Goat MMO Simulator expansion for Goat Simulator will launch as a free update for the PC version of the game on November 20, 2014.