Early next month, Goat Simulator, the goofy side project from Sanctum 2 developer Coffee Stain Studios, will be getting its first major update. The new content will come at no extra charge, and will feature a wealth of intriguing additional content for this admittedly absurd game.

Alongside the two-player co-op mode and new goat types, the Goat Simulator update (1.1) will also include a new Minecraft texture pack inspired by Mojang‘s wildly popular game. To celebrate the recent news, Coffee Stain released a new set of screenshots that specifically highlight the goat character’s new Minecraft-y look.

As one might expect the Minecraft skin keeps in line with the game’s already silly personality. Players will still be running around trying to cause as much chaos as possible, either by harming humans or destroying buildings, in the pursuit of a higher score. The only difference in these screenshots is that the player is piloting a brick-based goat, and it appears they can lay down grass bricks as well.

Players will also notice that the screenshots feature Goat Simulator‘s new urban map/playground, which will be added with the 1.1 update. While the farmland and suburban map featured as part of the game’s debut was fun to play around in, this second map apparently adds some interesting new dynamics to the game. So much so that Coffee Stain delayed the update’s release until they could ensure the map was “fun” to play around in.

We should point out that the Minecraft crossover is purely superficial, though; gamers should not expect anything close to Mojang’s free-form experience in Goat Simulator. This is a game that revels in its flaws and goofy personality (read our review), and never purports to be anything but a fun distraction. Much like Surgeon Simulator 2013, the simulator moniker should not be taken seriously. Just a quick look at our gameplay video for the game will tell you that.

It appears Coffee Stain has quite the robust update in store for Goat Simulator players — packed with lots of new goodies to play around with. More importantly, though, the developer is offering the content free of charge.

Are you ready for the Goat Simulator update? What do you think of the Minecraft skin?

Goat Simulator Update 1.1 releases June 3, 2014 for the PC.

Source: Joystiq

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