Free ‘Goat Simulator’ 1.1 Patch Adds Map, Multiplayer, & New Goats

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Those who have read our review or watched our first impressions video know that Goat Simulator is a very silly game. But in case you haven’t been following the saga of the goat, let us tell you this: Goat Simulator is a very silly game.

However, while Goat Simulator likes to wear its inspirations on its sleeve, its developer, Coffee Stain Studios, is trying something few have done before. Coffee Stain is offering new content for Goat Simulator free of charge.

While we had previously detailed that Goat Simulator would be receiving a new local split screen multiplayer mode as part of this update, Coffee Stain has now revealed what else players can expect. And it all sounds pretty hilarious.

First up, the Goat Simulator update includes a completely new map that’s on par, size-wise, with Goat Simulator‘s original map. As you can see in the screenshots below, the new map features a more urban environment complete with tall buildings, a surrounding body of water, and what appears to be a carnival area.

Goat Simulator DLC Screen - Wizard Hat

The update also boasts a selection of new goat types, like the tornado goat and the shopping coat, both of which look to be just as, if not more, goofy than some of the hidden goat types in Goat Simulator proper. The tornado goat in particular looks like the type of goofy, intentionally buggy/glitchy thing we’ve come to expect from the game. Oh and did we mention there’s an option to play as a penguin? Because there’s that too.

Although it might be hard to justify paying any extra money for new Goat Simulator content, Coffee Stain has smartly circumvented the system by making everything free. That way gamers can enjoy the added madness without worrying about having to put more money into a game whose value is occasionally hard to justify. As we said in our review, Goat Simulator is barely a game, but for a 3-hour distraction it’s goofy fun.

It’s also worth mentioning that although Coffee Stain hoped to release this update in May, they ended up pushing it to June 3rd. Coffee Stain wanted to make sure the new map is better than the old one, and needed the extra week to ensure it delivers.

What do you think of the new Goat Simulator content? What would you like to see in a future update for Goat Simulator?

Source: Coffee Stain

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