'Goat Simulator' Goat Could Soon Appear In 'Dota 2'

Goat Simulator Courier Appearing Dota 2

Over the past few years, the gaming industry has seen a great evolution in the way that players consume content. One of these oft-overlooked developments is that of the modding scene and the Steam Workshop. Rather than simply modifying games as a niche hobby, Valve has opened the floodgates of creativity by allowing players to create the future content that will populate their games. One of the most prominent examples of this can be found in Dota 2.

From custom mounts to completely overhauled HUDs, the Dota 2 community acts as a never-ending supply of new content for the game. Considering the incredible success of the title and its ability to draw millions of viewers for its annual The International tournament, it's no surprise that there's a very real market for these cosmetic items. Coming off of the success of their recent release of Goat Simulator MMO, the team at Coffee Stain Studios are poised to make their first appearance in the popular MOBA.

Currently making waves on Dota 2's Steam Workshop page, Coffee Stain is in the process of trying to get Goat Simulator's titular hero into the game in the form of a courier. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, couriers act as small companion creatures that players can use to fetch items from the store without having to leave their lane. From skateboarding phoenixes to flying sharks, it's hard to deny the fact that everyone's favorite goat would fit right in.


Taking a cue from its abundant "features" in Goat Simulator (check out our review), the goat courier drags its rubbery tongue and bag of spoils behind it wherever it goes. Should the player upgrade their courier with the ability to fly, the fearless farmyard creature will don its propane jet pack and rocket around the battlefield with reckless abandon. Everything about the courier's design feels like it's straight out of Goat Simulator which will no doubt appeal to a great number of people.

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While Coffee Stain Studios' courier design has yet to be accepted into the game, at the time of posting, the Steam Workshop page has amassed just over 50,000 unique visitors. Considering the absurdity of the source material and the already-wacky offerings that have been accepted through Steam Workshop, it's only a matter of time before Valve takes note. While it may not exactly be canon, inclusions and crossovers like this highlight the endless possibilities inherent in community-made content.

Between the potential introduction of a zany new courier and record-setting stream numbersDota 2 possesses a great deal of staying power. This is particularly evident considering it has become a staple of the eSports circuit despite the deluge of MOBA releases over the past few years. While many still debate the status of eSports, the future is looking bright for both Dota 2 and that scrappy goat from Goat Simulator.

Would you buy the Goat Simulator goat as a courier if it made an appearance in Dota 2? Would you rather see the goat as a new hero?

Source: Steam Community

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