Giveaway: 'Darkspore' Beta Codes! [Updated with Winners!]

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Regular readers of Game Rant will remember that, a couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to play the upcoming Action-RPG Darkspore. Our friends over at EA have kindly supplied us with a number of Darkspore Beta codes to give away -- those of you who have been following our facebook / twitter feeds will have noticed a giveaway that happened earlier today. Did you not have a chance to get a code? Well, now's your chance.

In our hands-on preview last month, we touched on a lot of the game's aspects including the story, the gameplay and the world aesthetics. But the one that really seemed to stick was the game's difficulty. Although Darkspore isn't going to be the hardest game ever made, I personally found it to be surprisingly challenging. And so, herein lies our question to you, the readers: we all play lots of games, some of us more than others. Some are fun and some are serious; some are cool and some aren't; some totally blow us away, others leave us definitely unblown. The question to you, is:

What is the hardest game you've ever played?

Nice and simple, right? Leave your answer in the comments below, and make sure you include a real e-mail address. It's to that address that we'll be sending the beta codes, so do make sure it's a real one. The post doesn't have to be very long, but make sure it's compelling enough for us to want to give you a code! The cut-off for all entries is Friday 4 March, 8pm PST, so get those entries in quick! We'll be choosing the winning entries soon after.

[UPDATE] Winners!

Josh MuirAlthough this entry technically came after the closing deadline, I felt the effort and care that went into this comment was more than worthy of a code. Congrats Josh!

Anthony WalkerA friend of mine bought me Minecraft, but I'm sad to say I've never played it yet. This post made me laugh pretty hard, so congrats Anthony!

SeanI felt the tone of this comment perfectly portrayed what I felt with Darkspore. It should be simple... so why isn't it?! Thanks, Sean!

ZackI relate with this one. My fingers are beginning to bleed at the edges already. Congrats Zack!

ElliotYour frustration has earned you a Darkspore code. Congrats Elliot!

Nos TanamThis one made me laugh, purely because it conjured up an image of a big, burly guy getting stuck on a game, then asking his tiny, weedy little brother to come help him out. Thanks Nos!

The codes should be with you now :)

Darkspore is coming to PC/Mac devices on March 29th, 2011. For more information, be sure to check out the official Darkspore website.

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