‘Gioteck SC-1’ PS3 Controller Review

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Gioteck SC1 Controller Review

The latest of Gioteck’s PlayStation 3 products, the 2.4ghz SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller provides plenty of functionality in a smaller package. Priced at $49.99, it continues Gioteck’s tradition of providing more affordable premium products like their FR-1 Racing Controller and the EX-05 Headset. Undercutting the traditional Sony controller by $5, it throws in plenty of new features that every gamer should take note of.

The most noticeable feature of the SC-1 is that the left analog stick and the D-Pad have been swapped, making the controller look more like an Xbox 360 controller layout. It’s a decision that will make players accustomed to Xbox 360 controllers feel right at home, and allows for easier reach on the left-side of the controller. While it might not be the right cup of tea for every Sony user, it’s a design choice that feels comfortable and allows gamers to perform intricate D-Pad tricks and controls with ease.

Our only gripe about the SC-1’s button layout is with the L1 and R1 buttons that are a bit awkward to reach comfortably, which is a little off-putting with the amazing design quality that is the rest of the controller. Still, this is the only real complaint about the SC-1, which comes with a plethora of positives to make up for said bumper buttons.

Design-wise, the controller comes in a flashy red-and-black color scheme. The bold color scheme helps the unit look sleek and certainly matches up with its hype as a sports gaming controller – the SC-1 looks like it just hopped out of an Adidas commercial. The size of the controller is a little smaller than the standard Sony DualShock products, and it fits easily in-hand. The entire controller feels smooth to the touch, and after two weeks of vigorous testing the wireless controller it’s evident that it’s battery life lasts a long time.

Gioteck SC1 Controller Design

Gioteck’s latest controller comes packed with plenty of extras. First and foremost, there are four different settings for analog button sensitivity which gives users room for customization and a potential advantage in online play. Tested in both FIFA and NBA 2K, the different analog settings made it much easier to perform complex dribbling moves. Switching between sensitivity levels is a fast and easy process, and the controller also features a turbo button for those primarily playing fighting or quick-time-sequence type games.

The SC-1 also features a set of programmable buttons, which has become the staple of third-party controllers and really gives it a superior advantage over the first-party competition. The controller comes with two programmable buttons which can be set to any two-button combination, allowing players to quickly tap the button to create various combos with ease. The regular buttons are all pressure sensitive as well, where the timing and length of each button-press can have a significant impact on the result action.

Whilst labelled as a sports controller, the Sc-1 performs admirably in every type of game. It’s a comfortable controller, and the ability to program buttons makes it a versatile choice regardless of genre. Despite the smaller size of it in comparison to the regular controllers, the rumble feature delivers the same amount of buzz as its larger competition. Even without all the aforementioned features, the swapping of the D-Pad and Analog Stick make it a great choice for gamers who normally game on the Xbox 360.

Gioteck’s SC-1 controller performs up to standard and rivals Sony’s own official PlayStation 3 controller. With a lower price point than the first-party competition, SC-1 does offer great value. The controller is well-built, feels great, and offers plenty of extra options for those looking to customize their controller-based experience.

Gamers interested in checking out the SC-1 can head over to Gioteck’s website here.

The Gioteck SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller is available now.

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