Gioteck Unveils PS4 Chat and Game Audio Headsets

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Popular headset purveyor Gioteck has announced a handful of PS4 models that should be available soon after Sony’s next-gen console launches in the UK. They have a range of models to suit a range of needs, from the more robust chat and game audio wireless headset to the streamlined headset dedicated specifically for chat.

While the release dates vary, it appears that most headsets should be out by the end of the year. And luckily, most of these headsets will work for chat right out of the box, as they don’t require a Bluetooth or USB connection.

First up is the EX-06 headset, which will be available on December 7th in the UK. Although there are current-gen and PC versions of the EX-06 on the way much sooner, this EX-06 model is designed specifically for the PS4. It’s wireless, offers support for game and chat audio, and will retail for £69.99.

Gioteck EX06 PS4 Headset

Below that is the EX-05s — the PS4 version of the same wired headset we reviewed earlier this year. For a wired headset, the EX-05 gets the job done extremely well, so there’s no reason to think this PS4 version won’t perform just as admirably. It too will support game audio and chat audio, and will retail for £39.99.

Gioteck EX05s PS4 Headset

Then there are the AX1 and HS1 headsets, which retail at a slightly cheaper price point and pipe game audio and chat audio through one cable directly from the DualShock 4 controller. The AX1 (the headset pictured first) is a slightly more robust option, and retails for £29.99, while the HS1’s design is more in line with past Sony headsets and retails for £19.99.

For chat only, Gioteck has three headset options: the EX3-R, the MH-1, and the EX-03. These are your bare bones wired options that come in three different designs — two that more closely resemble the PS3’s Bluetooth headset and one that fits the generic headset bill. The EX3-R (£19.99), the MH-1 (£19.99), and the EX-03 (£14.99) are featured in that order below.

With Sony severely limiting chat/game headset options at launch thanks to an unexpected USB and Bluetooth restriction, Gioteck appears to be one of the best options to fit those needs. Again, many of their headsets will not be available until the UK launch of the PS4 on November 29th, but they should hit global markets around the same time or a little bit after. Same thing goes for the prices — they should be in line with the UK price.

Which of the Gioteck PS4 options has caught your eye? Are there any other PS4 chat headsets that you are interested in picking up?

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