Although a large portion of the focus in today’s video games is the visuals, sound is still an integral part of the experience. So much so that gamers have begun to seek out hardware and peripherals that offer the best sound possible.

Throwing its hat into the ring is Gioteck’s EX-05 Wired Stereo Headset. The EX-05 is a multipurpose headset that delivers stereo game sound, functions as an in-game microphone, and is built for the Xbox 360, PC/Mac, and PS3.

When trying on a pair of EX-05’s, the first thing gamers will notice right off the bat is the design of the headset. While a bit on the large size, the EX-05 is built for comfort first.

The ear cups are extremely comfortable, and fit snuggled over the ears, which encourages long gaming sessions. The EX-05 is the type of headset that gamers can wear for hours on end, without any discomfort.

Although the headset does not deliver 5.1 or 7.1-surround sound, the audio it does deliver is crisp, save for a few issues here or there. There were a few times when sound was a little garbled, or a little “poppy,” but those instances were few and far between.

On the other hand, the EX-05’s mic is of a very high quality. Whether you’re using the headset to communicate online, or to record a podcast, the EX-05’s deliver clean audio.

Switching from one console to the next is easy; simply flip the PC/PS3 or Xbox 360 switches. There’s also no hiccups between one console and the other, all function as advertised. For the Xbox 360, there is an added cable to plug into the controller, which is a bit on the short side, but a longer cable won’t cost more than a few bucks.

Gioteck EX-05 Product Page

Besides the lack of true surround sound, the EX-05’s major drawback is its extremely long cable. There’s a reason gamers tend to choose wireless options, but wireless also comes at a price. Gioteck has found a nice compromise by attaching a surprisingly long USB cable to the headset, so gamers don’t have to lean their heads close to their consoles.

The long cable is great for players that want to lie back on the couch while gaming, but the cord itself can get easily tangled and knotted. It’s also a pretty substantial tripping hazard for anyone that might pass by. Gioteck does offer a wireless version of the EX-05, so if a long cord sounds bothersome, it might be best to spend a little extra for that version.

Considering the cord length issue, the EX-05 is probably best for PC gamers that want a comfortable headset for long play sessions. PC gamers typically don’t need to worry about anyone getting tangled up in a cord, or walking in front of the screen, and many will not take issue with a stereo-only headset.

The EX-05 is also extremely affordable, retailing for anywhere between $30 and $50 (depending on the retailer). The headset is a great value for gamers that don’t want to break the bank, and are looking for a headset that won’t be uncomfortable after a few hours.

Check out the Gioteck official site to read more about the EX-05 or any of their other gaming peripherals.

Does the Gioteck EX-05 sound like a gaming headset for you? What do you typically look for when choosing a gaming headset?

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