Ghostwire: Tokyo Developer Already Has Ideas for Sequel's Setting

ghostwire tokyo sequel new locations

Ever since its reveal at E3 a couple of months ago, Bethesda’s Ghostwire: Tokyo already has a number of fans buzzing. And it appears that the game’s creative director may already be planning ahead for where the series goes next.

In a tweet that’s since been deleted, Ikumi Nakamura indicated she was thinking over locations for a follow-up. In the tweet, translated by the team at OnlySP, she said, “If you can have GhostWire: Taiwan or Ghostwire: HK [Hong Kong] after Tokyo, it will be fun!” The tweet also includes a comment stating, “The street is also very handsome.” This could be referencing one of the locations she made mention of.

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When it first debuted a couple of months ago, Ghostwire: Tokyo’s initial trailer won over audiences with its stylish visuals and action. But, in addition to that, Nakamura also won the hearts of many E3 attendees with her over-the-top charm. It’s the first time she’s directing a game, after working alongside Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks on the previously released The Evil Within 2.

ghostwire tokyo sequel locations

Though details about the game’s story are still under wraps, it does feature a number of supernatural elements, along with cybernetic samurai, supernatural enemies, and folks that seem to disappear without a trace. It all sounds like Tango Gameworks territory.

As far as why the tweet vanished so quickly, Nakamura isn’t saying. There could be a number of reasons. First off, Ghostwire: Tokyo is still in the midst of production, without any kind of release date. So it could to be too soon to talk about any kind of sequel. Secondly, Bethesda hasn’t greenlit a follow-up as of yet, so Nakamura may have jumped in anticipation before she should have officially said anything.

But it does open up some interesting speculation about the future of the franchise. After all, The Evil Within got a sequel, and an improved one at that. If Ghostwire takes off as Bethesda is hoping it does, then a follow-up – or more – could easily be close behind. Here’s hoping Nakamura and Tango Gameworks are able to deliver as promised.

Ghostwire: Tokyo doesn’t currently have a release date or specified platforms, but more information should be available in the months ahead.

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Source: OnlySP

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