Ghostwire: Tokyo Creative Director Leaves Tango Gameworks

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Ghostwire: Tokyo made a big first impression when it was revealed at this year's E3. Its haunting and foreboding atmosphere won a lot of people over, but it was its creative director, Ikumi Nakamura, who stole the audiences hearts with her charming presentation and bubbly personality, becoming an Internet sensation within less than an hour. Sadly, despite Ghostwire still being a ways away from release, Nakamura has chosen to leave it and her studio.

The announcement came via Twitter, where Nakamura simply posted that she was leaving Tango Gameworks. She didn't provide a specific reason but it sounds like she just felt it was time to move on, having worked at the studio for nine years as a creative director and art director. This news is particularly shocking since, less than a month ago, she was apparently already coming up with ideas for a Ghostwire sequel. It's unknown what she intends to do in the future, though it's probably safe to assume that she won't be leaving the games industry any time soon, as she attached a link to her LinkedIn page in case anyone wants to work with her. Aside from her recent popularity, she has quite the credentials, having worked not only on The Evil Within but also Capcom's Okami and Platinum Games' Bayonetta.

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As for Ghostwire: Tokyo, very little information has been revealed about the game since its initial announcement (like which platforms it will release on), but it's still a hotly anticipated title. Set in the city of Tokyo, the live-action trailer shows people suddenly vanishing and all manner of supernatural entities appear throughout. We also got a glimpse of what might be the protagonist - a hooded figure armed with a bow and powers of their own. We listed it as one of the best trailers of E3 2019, though time will tell whether the final game will live up to the standards its set and be just as spooky.

Ghostwire: Tokyo currently has no release date.

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