Ghostwire: Tokyo Officially Announced at Bethesda E3 Conference

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Following a rehearsal date tweet from the Resident Evil and Evil Within creator Shinji Mikami, the well-known developer took the stage at Bethesda's E3 press conference to officially announced his latest game: Ghostwire Tokyo. This may come as a surprise, as many were expected Mikami to announce The Evil Within 3, but this new Bethesda IP leaked a few days ago.

Ghostwire Tokyo sees people mysteriously disappearing from the titular city in a spooky action-adventure game befitting Mikami and his studio, Tango Gameworks. The trailer does little more than announce the game, as several details are clearly being held back, but it seems the game will channel some mysterious, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima-like elements. The player character appears to be a hooded bandit with a bow and arrow, though, if that's any indication about the game.

The Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer, as seen below, takes a realistic art style at first, but it quickly becomes more mystical and elusive in nature. Men in skull masks, mystical abilities, and more can be seen toward the end of the trailer, which ends with the likely protagonist stating, "don't fear the unknown. Attack it." It seems likely that whatever unknown element is being referred to is the cause of the disappearing masses.

Sadly, for those whose interest were piqued by this Ghostwire: Tokyo reveal, there was no mention of its release date or the platforms it will launch on. So, it's not likely to release this year, and it's possible that it won't launch until late next year at a conservative estimate. It could prove to be longer or even a next-gen hardware launch title, but until more is confirmed by Tango Gameworks or publisher Bethesda, that's all up in the air.

Ghostwire Tokyo is the second IP to come from Mikami's development studio, Tango Gameworks. Considering The Evil Within 2 wasn't the best-received horror game, it's likely we may be seeing a new direction from Mikami. But for those horror loves, there's clearly an element of mystery and horror that Resident Evil and Evil Within fans will hopefully enjoy.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is currently in development for unspecified platforms.

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