TGS Trailer for 'Ghost Trick' Shows Off Spooky Gameplay

Ghost Trick

As soon as the 3DS release date is announced to the world, many gamers will take their eyes away from their DS consoles and look towards the future. It might not seem as if, going forward, the console has anything to offer in a post-3DS world but one game in particular, Ghost Trick, aims to prove that what was great about the DS before will remain true moving forward. TGS has brought us a new game play trailer showing of all of the layered antics your ghost self can get into.

Ghost Trick, like many of those hidden gems found on the DS, places unusual game play mechanics at player’s fingertips. This time allowing them to manipulate objects as they influence the actions of NPCs. The eponymous “ghost trick” revolves around the main, recently deceased, protagonist working to help other characters from meeting the same fate. From the same mind behind the wildly popular Phoenix Wright series, Ghost Trick hopes to deliver a DS experience unlike anything seen before.


If this trailer for Ghost Trick doesn’t sell you on the game, then the pedigree behind its creator definitely should. Like Scribblenauts before it, Ghost Trick is a game that presents many options to complete a singular task, many of which at first appear simple but at times can become rather complex.

Make sure that when you are anxiously pre-ordering your 3DS console, you don’t forget that the DS was built on a different type of originality before taking you into the next dimension. Moving forward, there might be a changing of the guard as developers become acclimated to the new screen, but expect the same caliber of beautiful yet inventive DS games to be delivered. Ghost Trick isn’t the game you would expect but it is sure to be a game you will enjoy for nothing else but its creativity. I certainly look forward to dusting off the old thinking cap as I pull off some haunted hijinks.

What do you think of Ghost Trick, Ranters? Does the game's unique game play mechanic intrigue you or feel like a less interactive experience?

Ghost Trick is set for release some time in late 2010 or early 2011 on the Nintendo DS.

Source: Capcom Unity

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