'Ghost Story' Trademarked by Take-Two Interactive

Ghost Story Trademarked by Take Two

Take-Two Interactive, home to subsidiary studios including Rockstar Games and Firaxis, registers a trademark for an unannounced property named Ghost Story.

Take-Two Interactive, owner of both Rockstar Games and 2K Games, has filed for a new trademark for an as-yet-unannounced property. The trademarked property is titled Ghost Story, which shares no apparent relation to any of Take-Two's other properties. Any potential announcement regarding what Ghost Story is could be weeks or months away, if ever.

Take-Two Interactive is home to some of the most well known franchises in the world. Grand Theft Auto is obviously their star, but Rockstar isn't the only studio under the T2 banner. There's Firaxis Games, which develops both the Civilization and XCOM franchises. Visual Concepts is currently handling the big 2K Sports titles. Mafia III from Hangar 13 is a recent big release. And then there's past titles like the BioShock franchise, Borderlands and Max Payne. Horror games, however, are a rarity.

That doesn't mean that there are no clues regarding Ghost Story, however. Take-Two has several studios that could take on such a project, but only a few that must currently have an unannounced one. For example, 2K Marin is known for both BioShock 2 and The Bureau and should have another title in the works. The studio is said to be working on future BioShock titles, but their previous work could line up with a ghost story experience. Irrational Games, now smaller in stature, is still working on an unannounced project. Or maybe Rockstar is working on a surprise.

The problem with covering trademarks is the volatility of the subject matter. Sometimes trademarks are registered almost immediately before an announcement is made. Other times trademarks are registered unbelievably early, and then the project is canceled before an announcement is ever made. Sometimes a trademark that seems like a big project is for nothing more than a mobile game, DLC, or a cross-media spin-off product. There's really no way to tell at this point, but no theory is too far fetched. It could even be an NX launch title.

So what is Ghost Story? It's impossible to tell at this juncture, but there's a lot in the name. A ghost story is meant to scare, to instill fear, to make campers look over their shoulders and see things in the darkness. A ghost story is meant to be a mystery, to push thoughts towards things best left not thought of. Could those feelings and ideas be built into this game? What kind of game might that be? And what studio would be best to provide such an experience? There's plenty to ponder until Take-Two has more information to share.

Ghost Story is a trademark filed by Take-Two Interactive with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and is otherwise an unannounced property.

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