Ghost Recon Wildlands Reveals 12 Minutes of Stealth Gameplay


Dominic Butler, lead game designer on Ghost Recon Wildlands, commentates a new 12 minute gameplay demo showing off the dynamic weather and stealth gameplay tactics.

After a big showing at E3 2016, Ghost Recon Wildlands has taken somewhat of a backseat to allow other Ubisoft games to have their time in the spotlight. With the massively popular For Honor alpha test finally wrapped up and recent Watch_Dogs 2 impressions now out in the wild, Ubisoft is turning its attention back to its upcoming third-person shooter. To better illustrate how massively open the world really is and the freedom of choice players have, a new developer walkthrough was released showing familiar mission in a completely different light.

Dominic Butler, lead game designer on Wildlands, introduces a nighttime variation of the El Pozolero mission, which fans may remember from E3 a few months ago. Unlike that version of the mission which saw players going in guns blazing, Butler and his squad instead choose to wait till the cover of nightfall and an approaching storm to stealthily infiltrate and extract their target. Moving slow and marking each target, the developers eventually locate a truck that makes deliveries into the campsite, giving them an easy way in without raising suspicions.


Once inside the base, the team splits up with one member creating an exit strategy, another providing overwatch support from a nearby cliff, the third moving in for the target extraction, and the fourth providing a diversion by taking out the camp lights. Players not only get a great look at team tactics but also some of the tools at their disposal including a multi-purpose drone, the sync shot mechanic returning from Ghost Recon Future Solider, and new weapons and items such as the diversion grenade.

The dynamic weather and day/night cycle also affect the world more than just visually as well. During the night, patrols are lighter and enemies may also lay down to rest, making the task a bit easier than if done during the day. Other systems are at work in this world as well, as one of the developers frees rebel soldiers from a holding cell, causing a much needed distraction so the Ghosts can extract their target. With the target secure, chaos erupts into the village as both factions square off, while the Ghosts manage to return to the nearby chopper, completing the mission without raising an alarm.

With the final map size set to be larger and more expansive than the one seen in the open world racing game, The Crew, Ubisoft is making sure to demonstrate that players can tackle these missions any way they see fit. Player choice is a major element to the game and also extends to other areas as well including their character, enabling them to customize just about every aspect from their guns, load out, clothing, and even the gender.

Are you impressed with the footage? What are you hoping to see before the game launches early next year? Let us know in the comment section below.

Ghost Recon Wildlands launches on March 7, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Ubisoft YouTube

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