Ghost Recon: Wildlands Day One Patch Details


Day one patches are nothing new these days, as most new releases feature some last minute tweaks or improvements and Ghost Recon: Wildlands is no exception. While official patch notes have not been posted by Ubisoft, fans have started to see update files for versions 1.01 and 1.02 start to download over the weekend. Thanks to initial reports, the total update comes in around 3GB and both patches appear to have sizable impacts on the game.

While the recent beta tests did have a number of connectivity issues, it appears Ubisoft was able to find a fix for them as both updates add a number of network optimizations and stability improvements. Beta feedback has also helped Ubisoft identify and fix a weather related issue where the effects from a storm or fog would conflict with the current environment the player was in. Ultimately, this had the odd effect of reducing visibility during storms even when the player was inside of a building or other structure.


Here are the full patch notes:

Version 1.01

  • Stability and network improvements
  • Gameplay fixes

Version 1.02

  • Engine stability improvements
    • Network optimizations
    • Climate and general environment tweaks
    • Additional content support

    With a launch on the horizon, it's been an interesting week for the latest entry in the long running franchise. After announcing its plans for future content including a much sought after player versus player mode, the company drew some complaints from an interesting place. The country of Bolivia, the setting for the upcoming third person shooter, filed a formal complaint with the French embassy over the way it is portrayed in the game. While the embassy has yet to respond, Ubisoft released a statement reaffirming the game is a work of fiction and Bolivia was chosen for its rich culture and picturesque landscapes.

    What do you make of these changes? Are there other things you're hoping Ubisoft will fix in the next few updates? Let us know in the comments.

    Ghost Recon Wildlands launches on March 7, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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