In preparation for the game’s release tomorrow, Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier that focuses on, what else, the intriguing new tech and weaponry featured in the game. Sure to be part of the legacy of Tom Clancy’s franchise for years to come, the gadgets and gizmos introduced for Future Soldier, while a little advanced, are not only cool-looking they are a huge selling point.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer if they didn’t show off the optical camo feature that has been a part of the game since its early inception. Though it might feel a little “cheap” — being able to hide in plain sight from enemies — Ubisoft has clearly found a way to make it work.

Along with the optical camo, the trailer shows off some of the unique gadgets like the sensor grenade and various types of drones that players will have at their disposal. Each helps facilitate a tactics and team-based approach to skirmish, an important element to every Ghost Recon game. Items like the aforementioned sensor grenade can help weed out enemies behind cover, while the drones can detail enemy movements and formations.

A lot of attention might be placed on the future tech in GR: FS, but Ubisoft hasn’t forgotten about what gets the job done: the guns. It was a major selling point at E3 so it makes sense that the gun customization would be a large part of the trailer. Ghost Recon might not boast as many guns as a Borderlands 2, which features a bazillion, but there still plenty of options.

And then there is the Warhound, which is only teased briefly in the trailer but definitely cements this title as being about future warfare. Getting behind the wheel of something like that, or at least calling out targets for it, is going to be a complete joy to experience.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Future Tech Trailer

If any or all elements from the trailer have got your interest piqued, it’s only a one-day wait before Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is on store shelves. And also keep on the look out for Game Rant’s review.

Which future tech are you most excited to have at your disposal in Future Soldier? Do you think that Ubisoft will be able to balance the over powered nature of these high tech devices?

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier releases tomorrow, May 22nd, for the PS3 and Xbox 360.