Hardcore Tom Clancy game fans will be more than familiar with Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon games, a series which hasn’t seen a main franchise installment in an unusually long time (since 2007’s Advanced Warfighter 2) and whose games continue to push the story and technology further into the future. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier takes full advantage of its unique futuristic setting and gameplay mechanics, especially within the multiplayer portion of the game. Ubisoft has released a new video discussing the features and gameplay to be expected in the title’s multiplayer and yes, it looks very impressive.

Multiplayer is Tom Clancy shooters is always a very big part of the game’s experience and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is going to be no exception, both competitively and in the series’ traditional co-operative campaign. The gameplay has taken a much more fast paced feel than the usual methodical, tactical approach of the previous Ghost Recon games and that will be a bone of contention among series regulars looking for something as distances from Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as possible. Once you see the game in action, you will realize the pace change, while increased, still doesn’t play as fast as Call of Duty‘s “arcade” like feel.

The video talks about the various classes available to play in Future Soldier and how they’re all enacting a different role on the battlefield. In addition, you will get to see the different kinds of gameplay mechanics that have been talked about or seen before, in much more detail. The cover swap system is very similar to the system that was created for Splinter Cell: Conviction (another Ubisoft title with one of the best functioning cover systems around), as well as a suppressive fire system that seems very effective and fitting.


The Ghost Recon: Future Soldier multiplayer beta will be coming in January 2012, allowing players to get their hands on the game and experience the multiplayer for themselves. Evidenced by the video, fans of the Ghost Recon franchise will have something to look forward to. Single player (and co-op)  is just as important to the Ghost Recon games so read our preview of one of the levels during E3 2011.

Future Soldier is looking really good and will definitely be garnering a lot of attention in its re-re-re-delayed release date in early 2012, far and away from the high competition this fall.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is releasing March 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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