One week today, the more-than-five-year-wait for a new Ghost Recon game comes to an end when Ubisoft releases Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on consoles (and a few weeks later on PC). With a push towards third-person action and a greater emphasis on story, characters and co-op play, Future Soldier aims to offer an experience that’s different and more tactical than the typical shooter affair.

To introduce a little background to the story of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Ubisoft released the Ghost Recon Alpha short film yesterday, a 25-minute live-action movie that serves as a prequel to the game, and today, the official gameplay launch trailer picks up right where Alpha left off.

The focus on the GR:FS launch trailer is on the game’s campaign story which involves rogue nukes. The game features 14 missions in total, each ranging from 30 minutes to a full hour each – all playable with up to four players co-operatively online with friends or through LAN (no splitscreen for the campaign).

While not a part of the launch trailer, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier also ships with a variety of multiplayer modes (watch the multiplayer trailer here). There’s the four-player ‘Guerrilla’ horde mode which allows two players per console system-linked and online play for those wanting more co-op beyond the campaign. And of course, there’s a range of adversarial multiplayer modes for up to 12 players.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Trailer

For fans of weapon customization, the game’s GunSmith feature allows players to mix and match 600 components with approximately 50 guns to form millions of combinations in crafting their perfect weapon, and all of this and more can be done outside of the game via the Ghost Recon Network – available on computers through the browser and all Android and iOS devices with the free app.

To learn everything there is to know about Ghost Recon: Future Solder, check out Game Rant’s extensive preview coverage:

For those already sold on jumping into the action, there’s more content on the way via the Arctic Strike DLC.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier releases May 22, 2012 in North America, and May 24, 2012 in Europe, for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version releases June 12.

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