10 Tips For Getting Ahead In Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is Ubisoft's latest dive into open-world Tom Clancy experiences and is likely the last Ghost Recon game on current generation consoles. The island of Auroa is a large playground where players have the freedom to tackle it in any way they choose. There are many different ways to approach the game's missions, and, depending on your personal preferences and play style, some may be more useful than others. The following are 10 tips for getting ahead in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

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10 Focus The Drones

You'll quickly find that when you get spotted by enemies in certain locations it's hard to lose them while on the run. It will likely be due to a drone following you can alerting enemies to your exact location. If you find yourself in a predicament that has you running from an overwhelming amount of enemies, try and take out the drones. They tend to have the least amount of health, but, more importantly, they'll be the biggest factor in whether or not you're able to vanish into thin air.

9 Vehicles, Use Them

In open-world games, it seems you'll have two different types of players. The first will be the people who use vehicles and fast-travel, so they miss most of the exploration of the game.

On the opposite side, you'll have those who only travel on foot which lets them see the land, but can seriously extend the time it takes to finish missions. If you're the latter, try using vehicles from time to time to get to specific locations for missions or items. A mix of vehicles and on-foot exploration will give you the most fulfilling experience at the end of the day.

8 Experiment

With games like Breakpoint that feature a variety of guns, tools, and options, it's important as a player that you experiment with everything. Don't just settle for using a sub-machine gun and a sniper rifle because they're what's equipped. Mess around with different types of guns and attachments to see what feels best for you. The moment you find what works for you can make the difficulty and overall experience feel like a more enjoyable experience. Don't be afraid to experiment in the games you play.

7 Stealth Is Your Friend

Earlier we discussed how the drone can be used stealthily and covertly, which can lessen the difficulty of your experience. Along with using the drone, it's important to understand what direction your enemy's facing and their specific sightlines.

Taking the time to understand this can take a stealthy approach to the next level and will have you feeling like Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell. Everyone doesn't have excellent skills in shooting games, but, when stealth is implemented, anyone has a shot given enough patience.

6 Save & Craft

As with most video game tips, this one centers around finding what works best for you. Veteran video game players will tell you that in games with crafting there are often two big mistakes people make. They either hoard materials and never craft anything, or they use their materials on early-game items that immediately become useless or redundant.

The best way to avoid these mistakes is to save your materials, but use them the first chance you get when it will result in a boost to your level. Don't burn through them, but also realize they're meant to be used.

5 Have Objectives

The biggest trap of open-world games is losing yourself to exploration and realizing you've played dozens of hours and accomplish nothing of significance. If you're someone who wants to make progress but can get easily distracted head into the game with a specific objective you want to accomplish in that play session. It will give you the structure or goal-oriented approach you want without making you want to avoid natural exploration and curiosity. You could also tie exploration into a specific objective as well.

4 Earn That Experience

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is the type of open-world game where you can earn skill points through collecting things, defeating enemies, and exploring. This means that you can level up and can unlock tons of skills without even touching the main campaign or even side missions.

People often underestimate how different a game can feel when you start unlocking upgrades. With bonuses giving you better stamina or reload times, simply grinding some experience and leveling up can turn impossible situations into achievable victories.

3 Know Your Limits

In the modern era of video games, developers, for the most part, do a great job at warning players of dangerous encounters. Individual player skill or comfort in a game can dictate whether someone can overcome level discrepancies, but more often than not you should take the developer's advice.

Now, don't be afraid to test yourself, because getting high-level rewards early on can feel great, but don't think that you'll be able to run over anyone or anything in your path.

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2 Take Your Time

With both the overall game and isolated in-game experiences it's important to take your time and not rush. Having patience will allow you to set yourself up in the best position to be successful and can make the game feel like a journey instead of a sprint. When you come across an enemy outpost feel free to take cover and pull out your drone to gather some much-needed intel. Sometimes knowing where or who your enemy is can take away all of the pressure or difficulty of an encounter.

1 Explore

Earlier, the idea of using vehicles from time to time popped up. Those who lean on them and fast-travel to get around open-world games often overlook the exploration parts of these experiences.

Now, it's not smart to only ever travel on foot, but you should change it up from time to time to see what the world feels like from varying perspectives and pacing. The island of Auroa is a place that has hundreds of unturned rocks and abandoned areas, and you have the chance to uncover it all if you'd like

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