10 Pro Tips For Ghost Recon: Breakpoint You Should Know

The latest release by Ubisoft, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint sees the player take on the intimidating Cole D. Walker, a former Ghost gone rogue. They’ll track him to his technologically advanced island full of efficient mercenaries, security drones, and other dangers hidden among the trees.

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To survive the perils of this hi-tech tropical nightmare and the Wolves who inhabit it, players must employ a number of different tricks and tips. With suggestions of which gear to use, what class to main, and how to handle those pesky drones, here’s the advice you need to survive this hostile island.

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10 Take Anything Not Nailed Down

As you start completing faction missions and eliminating enemy camps, you’ll come across mountains of loot. It is absolutely in your best interest to do a thorough sweep and take anything you can pick up. This will ensure you have a steady supply of ammo and other consumables, often net you better equipment, put cash in your pocket, and at the very least, provide you with a steady supply of materials to upgrade items.

This game incorporates a lot of survival and crafting aspects, so it is in your best interest to gather everything available to ensure survival on the island.

9 Scores Are A Suggestion

It can be tempting for a lot of players to go with the higher scored items when choosing new weapons and other pieces of gear. While you certainly can't go wrong this way, it’s not very efficient and you may wind up being underpowered.

The scores don’t account for your personal tastes and abilities. You’ll often find weapons with a lower score that will actually be better options because of their fire rate, accuracy, or any other stat. Use the scores as a guideline and don’t be afraid to toss a high score item in favor of a lower score if it better suits your needs.

8 Dismantle Junk

As you start amassing items and identify which ones you want to roll with, it’s recommended you dismantle everything else. Dismantling these lower-level items will net a ton of materials that can be used to upgrade other preferred items.

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If you get in the routine of clearing out areas, keep the high-value items and dismantle everything else. Before long, you’ll be swimming in more materials than you know what to do with, and that’s a fantastic position to be in throughout this game.

7 Don’t Worry About Upgrading In The Beginning

With all of those materials in your possession, it’s going to be awfully tempting to start upgrading your favorite gun; however, at the beginning of the campaign, don’t get too crazy just yet.

Odds are you will quickly find a better weapon and there is no point wasting material on a weapon that will be replaced in a few minutes. Be patient and hoard those items for the end of the game, when your gear is replaced less and less often.

6 Determine Your Class

There are four classes in the game and each has different advantages in and out of combat. The Assault class has better defenses and damage output and can even heal with kills. Field Medics have a drone that can heal the player, revive teammates, and boosts overall health. Panthers are stealthy fighters with cloaking tech and anti-drone measures. Finally, the Sharpshooter can pierce armor, target enemies more efficiently, and use sniper rifles better.

If you’re at a loss for which class to pick, Panther is a good choice as it caters to a stealthy playstyle, which is the best way to survive the drones and Wolves in this game. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice as you can always switch classes.

5 Stealth Kill Whenever Possible

Speaking of stealth, it is far easier to take down enemies when you carefully pick them off with stealth kills from afar using headshots or up close. Furthermore, everything should have a suppressor equipped. You will often be outnumbered and, once detected, the enemy will always call in reinforcements.

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Picking off the units that can call reinforcements before an engagement, taking down an entire squad one by one, or even getting the drop on them with an ambush is critical to survival and putting the odds in your favor.

4 Get Thermal Vision

The skills you pick should be based on your build and the needs of your class, but across the board, a critical skill to select early on is Thermal Vision. Thermal Vision allows you to see better at night and during thunderstorms, while also picking up heat signatures behind walls.

This skill turns the night into another weapon in your arsenal, as it makes stealth kills and ambushes a lot easier. Grab it as soon as possible!

3 Snipe & Assault

Honestly, you should go with the weapons that best suit your class and playstyle, but it’s highly recommended you roll with a sniper rifle and an assault rifle. The sniper rifle allows you to knock off high valued targets like troublesome drones, the soldiers who call in reinforcements, or to thin out the squad a little.

The assault rifle is for when you’ve been discovered or need to go in gun’s blazing for an ambush. These two weapons provide adaptability for any situation at any range. Snipe first and assault later is a winning strategy for much of the game.

2 Avoid Drones

The drones are among the hardest enemies in this game, even if they don’t outright attack you in most cases. The most common drones are small crafts that hover around soldiers, patrolling the area and alerting them to any dangers. If the drones see you, they alert the enemy; if you shoot them down, you’ll alert the enemy.

There are also swarms of drones that are equipped with weapons and can shred you very quickly. Scouting drones will relay your location to everyone within a certain radius and jam your equipment. It’s best to avoid all drone types whenever possible or shoot them from afar.

1 Use Your Drones Often

Given the enemy’s drones are so annoying, it only makes sense to make your drones equally as annoying for them. Using your drone to scout areas and tag enemies can make traversing the rain forest and assaulting enemy positions much, much easier.

Defensively it can also alert you to incoming troops or drones, and let you track drones patrolling the area so you can avoid them. Make a habit of using your drone to scout the area ahead, check your six every so often and you’ll have a better chance of surviving.

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