5 Things We Loved About Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (5 Things We Don’t)

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is Ubisoft’s second big games-as-service release this year alongside The Division 2. The first game in the rebooted series divided fans and faced controversy in the wake of its real-world setting offending the Bolivian government in the process. Furthermore, the game’s departure from its tactical shooter roots from last-gen to a less focused open-world setting upset a lot of fans of the Tom Clancy universe.

However, those that remained fans and stuck with Ghost Recon: Wildlands were rewarded with a lot of support from Ubisoft who seemed determined to keep adding new content to the game. Sadly, many fans were put off by the extortionate price of two season passes which were almost the same price as the base game. That tradition continues with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. So, does the game have enough there to win fans over, or should they just stick to The Division 2?

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10 Good: Great Visuals and Sound Design

One of the most impressive features of Ghost Recon: Wildlands was the environmental graphics, and Breakpoint, for the most part, is a step up. The dynamic weather effects and how it affects terrain are very impressive and rivals other Ubisoft’s titles like Far Cry 5 in particular.

In addition, the lighting effects are very impressive with beams of light falling through the jungle foliage. The sound design is also very impressive and only adds to atmosphere and tension when players are working their way through the jungle into impossible odds.

9 Bad: The Game Is Full Of Bugs

As impressive as both visuals and graphics are, there’s no escaping the fact the bugs have a detrimental effect on the game’s intended immersion. During cutscenes, character’s have lip-synching issues, and guns can flicker in and out of a character’s hands.

Furthermore, there is a lot of texture pop-in, which becomes more noticeable when traveling on bike, cars and, air vehicles and the dips in the framerate can bring the game down to a stutter all consoles. The bugs don’t stop at the visuals but they extend to the sound too. There will be distracting moments where the sound of the weapons or explosives will drop in and out during firefights.

8 Good: Jon Bernthal Is A Great Antagonist

Ubisoft has made a big deal out bringing in The Punisher and Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal, and doing so has paid off. Taking another leaf out the Far Cry series playbook, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has provided gamers with a memorable main antagonist of its own.

However, unlike the villains from Far Cry, he isn’t just there to deliver lengthy and sometimes cringe-worthy monologues. Instead, Bernthal’s Walker presents himself as an almost sympathetic character with realistic and understandable motives.

7 Bad: Terrible Dialogue

While Jon Bernthal does some great work as the game’s lead antagonist, the same can’t be said for the characters in the game. It is as if all the budget, time and effort went into making sure Bernthal’s character was the most believable NPC in the game.

The script is truly awful, and it is evident in the game’s appallingly bad dialogue. Worse still is that much of dialogue sounds like it was recorded in a studio and is jarringly at odds with the jungle's atmospheric sounds.

6 Good: Gear Score Upgrading

Where some elements of Far Cry 5 have been worked into Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’s visuals, setting, and characters, there is a heavy dose of The Division, too. As a result, Breakpoint is, at its heart, a loot shooter, and upgrading the gear score is just as addictive and a gun fan's dream come true.

Now weapon load-outs are less about being tailored toward one’s play style and more about what kind of stats the weapons have. Just like The Division, the continuous hunt for newer and better gear will be what drives many players and weapon fanatics forward.

5 Bad: The Focus On Microtransactions Is Offensive

Those that decide to purchase the base game will be disappointed to find that despite being AAA title sold at the full RRP they won’t getting anywhere near the full experience. Now, this has become par for the course for most modern games especially those that strive to be a games-as-service title like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

However, not only is the season pass almost the same price as a full game but players will constantly find themselves encouraged to purchase microtransactions. Many of these purchases are just cosmetic, but there is the insulting notion of being able to buy skill points which removes the point playing the game at all.

4 Good: The Feeling Of Overcoming Difficult Odds

It is no secret that that Ghost Recon: Wildlands—and now Breakpoint—are a huge departure from the more linear and tactical Ghost Warrior and Advance Warfare entries from the last generation. However, in Breakpoint, there are several moments of brilliance where tactical thinking really pays off especially against seemingly overwhelming odds.

Stealthily taking out guards when breaching a military fortress is incredibly satisfying. It is the kind of precision and thought that is befitting of the Tom Clancy name and harks back to previous entries.

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3 Bad: Very Repetitive Missions

ghost recon breakpoint microtransactions

There’s a ton of content to play around for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and, just like The Division, there is enough to keep gamers happy for hours and hours. Unfortunately, another thing that it has in common with The Division is the repetitive mission design.

All the missions seem to boil down to doing the exact same thing over and over again. More often than not, players will find that Breakpoint never really deviates from sneaking into enemy fortresses to obtain Intel or find a target.

2 Good: Lots Of Content

As repetitive as the mission design is the amount of content available for gamers to explore is admirable. Fans of loot shooters love the grind so they can upgrade their gear and weapons right down to their appearance and Breakpoint delivers in that regard.

In addition to the near-endless side mission content, there are daily faction missions, roadside incidents usually involving the rescue of civilians, and lots of buildings to explore for rewards. Furthermore, those that love open world games will be overjoyed by the sheer size of Breakpoint’s overworld which rivals the Just Cause series in terms of scale.

1 Bad: The Fiddly Menu System

Given that there’s a huge drive in pushing players to constantly seek out new weapons and replace their old ones. Unfortunately, Breakpoint’s menu system is an absolute time-consuming chore to navigate. The Division series allows players to group select all the gear that they want to dismantle for parts or sell from the menus system.

It’s a simple feature that saves players a lot of time when they want to clear out their inventory. Breakpoint forces the player to do this one item at a time and isn’t very user-friendly at all. There’s a good chance that such a feature will get patched in a later as Ubisoft has a good reputation for listening to its fans.

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