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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the eleventh title in the series of popular military shooters, launched on October 4th . Just like its immediate predecessor, Breakpoint is an open-world game, an unusual choice for the genre. But what's even more unusual in the world of military shooters is that it also contains survival elements, with players needing to craft bandages, maintain their weapons and manage fatigue, hunger and hydration.

Giving players the edge they need to survive on the perilous island of Auroa, alongside the micro-transactions of course, is an RPG-like class system, allowing them to fill one of four specialized roles. While it is possible to play the entire game using only one class, doing so means players may miss out on gameplay opportunities, as well as possibly finding some sections of the game a lot harder. Each of the four classes excels in a particular scenario, and knowing how to switch between them will mean players can adapt freely.

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Unlocking the Classes

Before players can switch to a different class than the one they chose at the start of the game, first they need to unlock that class using a skill-point. These points are fairly quick to earn in Breakpoint's open-world, and most players should be able to unlock all four classes by a few hours into the game.

To unlock a class, open the main menu and select the skills tab. From there players should scroll all the way down to the class options at the bottom, and then highlight whichever class they want to play next before holding down the interact button. This flexibility should allow players to stay engaged for longer, particularly alongside Breakpoint's new missions.

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How to Switch

There's no penalty to switching class mid-game, though it can't be done at any time, or in Breakpoint's first Raid coming later this year. First, players need to find a Bivouac, a temporary camp which unlocks healing injuries, gaining buffs from eating and drinking, and crafting items. Once in a Bivouac, players need to rest their character, and then go into the Tactics menu. From there any class can be selected, and pressing confirm will mean that the character ends their rest as the new class.

While knowing how to switch is easy, knowing when may be considerably harder. Choosing between the stealthy Panther, the long-ranged Sharpshooter, the survival-focused Field Medic or the tough Assault will depend entirely on the mission ahead , and how players intend to tackle it. These classes are also available in the game's PvP multiplayer mode, Ghost War, which delivers a much more traditional military shooter experience.

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