Ghost Recon: Breakpoint - Ranking The 10 Best Early-Game Weapons

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint recently released and new players are trying to figure out which guns work best in the early hours of gameplay. Like most open-world games, the more you explore and play, the more likely you are to find or earn great equipment and guns.

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We won't be talking about any of the special weapons, we're merely going to be covering the basic guns you can come across naturally in the game in your first hours. Let's list and rank the 10 best early-game weapons in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

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10 AK12

The AK12 will likely be one of the first assault rifles you come across after crash landing onto Auroa. Most people will immediately be drawn to it as it has a name similar to the very famous and beloved video game weapon, the AK-47.

When it comes to how it fairs against other assault rifles it is pretty agile and has a good range as well. The real drawback of the AK12 is that it lacks any real stopping power. This means that it should only be used when forces aren't chasing you down and trying to corner you.


This will be the first pistol we talk about on the list, but not the last. The C-SFP is a standard-issue pistol with nothing really special about it. It has pretty even and standard stats across the board with its true standout being its mobility.

It has a decent reload time and with 13 bullets has a somewhat large magazine with no upgrades or attachments. It has the shortest range out of all pistols but makes up for it by packing a pretty solid punch. At the end of the day, a pistol's a pistol when you need it most.

8 516

The 516 is an interesting assault rifle for several reasons. First off it's likely a gun that you've never used before in a game or an optional weapon you glanced over in favor of a more familiar choice when it comes to assault rifles.

When compared to other guns in its class in the game it has the best mobility and can be very discrete when dealing with the enemies around Auroa. The trade-off is that you'll be giving up damage in favor of both those things, but if it fits your playstyle then it's worth it.

7 MK14

Games that feature a wide variety of weapons often have the herculean task of trying to balance all of the different guns and give them proper shortcomings and strengths.

The MK14 is a solid designated marksman rifle that you'll likely be tempted to use if you've played your fair share of battle royales. It has full auto action which is huge and pretty substantial but with that comes the drawbacks. Not only does it have the worst range for DMRs, but it also has the worst damage output as well.

6 P227

The P227 is a great early game friend of those who likes to handle things up close and personal. Pistols are highly effective weapons if the user has a great trigger finger and solid aim. In comparison to the previous pistol mentioned, the C-SFP, the P227 is better in almost every category.

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Its only drawback is that it has a very limited range. Outside of that, it happens to have better handling, mobility, and recoil while drawing about even when it comes to accuracy. Never go into battle without a solid pistol on your side.

5 M4

Everyone has that friend in their group who believes the best weapon to use is always a shotgun. It doesn't matter what the stats are on it they'll always pick the shotgun above all else. The M4 doesn't do anything exceptionally better than anything else.

It's a pretty standard and evened out shotgun. Most people think that a shotgun approach is loud and boisterous, but with the right muzzle and strategy, it can be part of a real covert operation as you try and take down the evil occupying Auroa.

4 FRF2

On its own, the FRF2 is a pretty ineffective and low-tier sniper, but at the end of the day, it's still a sniper rifle. The beauty of open-world games that feature custom gun loadouts is that players can experiment and see what works best for their play style.

The FRF2 will likely provide the player with their first true sniper-like experience. It can let them understand what sniping feels like in the game and if it's something they want to commit to down the line. It may not be with you for long, but the FRF2 plays its role.

3 M4A1

Assault rifles are often the base weapon used in most games. They provide the best bang for your buck when it comes to a mixture of damage, range, and accuracy. The M4A1 is one of the better assault rifles in the game, but it doesn't crack the top two solely because the factory magazine is so small.

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You'll constantly find yourself reloading between enemies and though the weapon handles great it may not be worth it for some players. The moment you're able to upgrade it however it might turn into your main weapon.

2 M82

When talking about long-range weapons the M82 is a solid choice for anyone looking to escape the island of Auroa. Comparing it directly to the other long-range run on this list, the FRF2, the M82 is significantly more powerful. On top of the power spike, it also has a quicker reload time as well.

When going covert and attacking a group of enemies from a distance it's almost paramount to have a solid amount of power and the shortest amount of reload time between each shot.

1 MP7

The MP7 isn't exactly going to dominate, but what it does provide is comfort and familiarity. If you've played any first-person shooter in the last decade chances are you've used an MP7. The sub-machine gun doesn't have a whole lot of recoil, but the only drawback is the distance on it isn't the best.

For beginners or those looking to get familiar with how this game plays the MP7 is the best choice early game. That being said everyone has preferences so experiment and find what works best for you.

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