'Ghost of Sparta' Developer Ready at Dawn Starts Work on New IP

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The upcoming God of War game, Ghost of Sparta, has been getting rave reviews and might be the best PSP game yet. While some studios might see this as a reason to take a break and celebrate, indie developer Ready at Dawn is already hard at work on their next game and first original IP.

Considering their past, it’d be natural to assume their next project would be another high profile PSP outing, but Ready at Dawn confirms that Ghost of Sparta is their, “last PSP game.” Ready at Dawn has big plans and is looking to expand the scope of their future titles, but they assure us that platform isn’t what they are focusing on.

“The most important thing is not the platform. It's the game. We know what type of game we want to make. It's what we've built our skills around: character driven, story driven action adventure game.”

Ready at Dawn was started by former employees of both Naughty Dog and Blizzard. When asked about possible similarities between their upcoming game and Uncharted 2, they said they have no shame in following in the footsteps of what Naughty Dog has done.

“It's the kind of game we're going to make. I'm just glad they did it first. It should prove to everybody it's doable and it's worth doing that kind of stuff."

With the comparisons to Uncharted 2 and the PSP being ruled out as a platform, I imagine this upcoming game will make its way to either the 360 or PS3. Ready at Dawn was responsible for the Wii port of Okami and hasn’t ruled the Wii out, but they will most likely want to show off the graphical power of their in-house engine on a more technically powerful system.

Each of the four Ready at Dawn developed games have received great reviews and the studio's track record is impeccable. I’m all for new IPs and it’s evident that this indie developer has what it takes to create a great experience. Ready at Dawn is definitely a developer to watch out for.

Does Ready at Dawn have what it takes to move into the realm of console games? What do you think about them working on a new IP?

God of War: Ghost of Sparta will be released exclusively for the PSP on November 2nd and an official revealing of Ready at Dawn's new game is coming "soon".

Source: Eurogamer

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