PlayStation Store Sale Lets You Get PS Plus for Cheap

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Typically, an annual subscription to PlayStation Plus costs $60, the price of a brand new triple-A video game. That can be a lot of money for some, especially those who would rather spend that cash on games. However, PS Plus is required on PS4 to play games online, and that combined with its various other perks and bonuses makes it a necessity to have the best experience possible on PlayStation. Luckily, PS Plus is sometimes discounted, giving PlayStation fans the chance to pick up a subscription for a fraction of the cost.

Usually these deals are on Black Friday or through third-party retailers, but the PlayStation Store is currently hosting its own PS Plus deal right now. From now until March 26, as part of the PlayStation Store's Great Indoors sales event, PlayStation owners can renew their subscription for $45 instead of $60. PS Plus subscriptions stack, so even those whose memberships aren't up yet can renew and take advantage of the 25% discount.

Being subscribed to PS Plus comes with a wide range of benefits. As previously mentioned, a PS Plus subscription means PS4 owners can play games online, but it also gives them the opportunity to download free games each month. March 2019's free games are pretty heavy hitters in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and the critically-acclaimed puzzle game The Witness, so a PS Plus subscription pays for itself before too long.


Another benefit to being a PS Plus subscriber is added discounts. Often, like during the Great Indoors sale, PS Plus subscribers are able to get discounted games even cheaper than those who aren't subscribed to the service. So those who pick up a lot of games during sales may want to do the math and see if being a PS Plus subscriber would save them money in the long run.

25% off is a pretty good price for PlayStation Plus, but there have been times when the subscription has been even cheaper. PS4 owners should keep an eye out for PS Plus deals throughout the year, as they will likely have multiple opportunities to renew their subscriptions for cheap.

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