Notch, creator of the still-growing sensation Minecraft, is getting married this weekend and to celebrate, he and the crew at Mojang are¬†ignoring Bethesda’s lawsuit over Scrolls offering a special deal for those looking to jump in on the fun before the game releases in full in November.

If you still don’t own Minecraft, you need to change that. It’s already available at a great low price, and this deal makes it that much better, so read on to find out how to join the other 10 million registered users and why Minecraft has already sold 3 million copies.

The theme of the sale, announced today on Notch’s blog, is that you and your loved one can play together for the price of one. It’s the excuse you’re looking for to get the game for yourself and at the same time, passing the game to your significant other or friend. Then, you can jump online and play together, build your first home together, travel the high seas, get blown up by creepers and other romantic stuff.

Here’s how the deal works:

  1. Buy a copy of Minecraft (not a gift code) here.
  2. A free gift code will then be added to your account.
  3. See your gift code here.
  4. To pass the gift code to someone else, have them enter the code here.
  5. You’re done. Go punch some blocks!

Step 6 of course, involves you following our Minecraft update guides here on Game Rant but you knew that. For those new to the experience, every few weeks the game is updated with bug fixes and additional content, but the biggest and best update is yet to come. Dubbed the Adventure Update (also known as the 1.8 update), the next big patch will finally add objectives, additional mobs and reasons to keep on playing and exploring – it’s something we’ve been waiting a very long time for and hopefully something that will get all of the Game Rant crew playing again.

For those, not new to the experience, if you’re a diehard resident of Minecraftia, you may be interested in attending the first ever Minecraft convention in Las Vegas, so read here for the details on that.

Until then, stick around and we’ll keep you in the know as it happens. Markus Persson,¬†congratulations and best wishes to you and your wife to be!

Minecraft exits beta status on November 11, 2011.

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