It's Now Possible To Get Married by Duke Nukem

duke nukem marriage wedding

Some voice actors go out of their way to interact with their fans, including the man behind Duke Nukem. Now, players who are obsessed with the legendary bad boy can get married by the voice of Duke Nukem himself.

Jon St. John has been a voice actor for many years, providing the voices that help bring characters to life in video games and other media. Among these is Duke Nukem, whom he has voiced since 1996. He's made it clear in the past that he loves voicing Duke, and now he's taking that love of the character to wedding ceremonies.

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According to Jon St. John's official Twitter, he's officially an ordained minister now, meaning that he's able to oversee wedding ceremonies legally. In the tweet, he openly expresses that gamers can be married by Duke Nukem, presumably indicating that he's happy to use his iconic Duke voice to run the ceremony.

This is a great nod to the fans of the long-running Duke Nukem series, especially since its future has been questionable at best. After initially teasing concept work of a future Duke Nukem game, nothing has come from it, and Gearbox seems to have shelved the Duke Nukem series for the forseeable future. It's likely due in part to how poorly Duke Nukem Forever performed after over a decade in development. However, fans can at least play as Duke in the recent Switch release of Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition, but it's not the same thing as a full-fledged Duke Nukem adventure.

Of course, not every gamer with a wedding in their future would necessarily want to be wed by Duke Nukem. His typically crass attitude might not appeal to all would-be newlyweds - surely, Jon St. John would likely tone it down if requested, but then, why ask for a Duke Nukem wedding at all?

Thankfully, there are plenty of other options these days when it comes to gamer weddings. Square Enix and The Pokemon Company have previously introduced official Final Fantasy XIV and Pokemon weddings, respectively, complete with clothing, decorations, and food, so gamers don't have to feel restricted when planning their weddings.

Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Twitter

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