Bandai Namco Releases Get Even Trailer

Bandai Namco Get Even

Gamers would be forgiven for not knowing about Get Even, a game due out later on this month. It's being published by Bandai Namco and produced by Polish developer The Farm 51, a studio which got its started by providing outsourced work to other intellectual properties. After Get Even was announced in 2014, things went relatively silent until the game re-appeared in 2016 with a new announcement trailer, showing glimpses of a title that was part psychological thriller and part action. Now, Bandai Namco is poised to show a further glimpse into the mysterious world that is Get Even.

So far, it looks like the game revolves around a kidnapped woman with a bomb strapped next to her that players will be attempting to save. To do this, gamers will don the role of a mercenary named Cole Black, but there's an obvious catch to the scenario: Cole can't remember any details on why he's trying to rescue this girl, where he is, or why there are armed guards after him. To top things off, things will soon get even weirder as Cole discovers he's been in a virtual reality environment, adding another confusing layer to this psychological thriller in a manner that feels almost similar to SOMA.

Players can view Bandai Namco's new trailer below, which details the latter virtual reality portion of events:

The game will feature puzzle elements, stealth sections, and high-octane action sequences as players utilize everything from a mysterious high-tech investigative gadget to a gun that can shoot around corners to eliminate threats before they even get an eye on Cole. The game takes inspiration from things like the movie Memento and the game Condemned, if that's any indication of what gamers will find as Cole begins remembering his past and affecting his future.

It's clear that the the developers are leaving much about the game as a mystery to those who are interested in finding out what lurks in the game's figurative shadows, though not everyone is convinced: given how long the indie title has been in the development process, many gamers aren't quite willing to put down money until the reviews come pouring out. Bandai Namco estimates the game will feature 9-15 hours of runtime, though whether it can keep gamers interested for the duration remains to be seen.

What do you think about Get Even, Ranters?

Get Even is slated to release on May 26, 2017, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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