New Shooter ‘Get Even’ Promises Photo-Realistic Graphics; Blends Single Player & Multiplayer

By | 3 years ago 

Whereas most generational leaps in gaming are marked with significant increases in graphical fidelity,this new generation seems to represent that infamous step forward in a much different way. There is no doubt that the graphics of new games have improved, but one of the factors that looks to set this new generation apart is the seamless integration of single player and multiplayer. Both Destiny and Titanfall aim to walk this line, with Ubisoft’s The Crew, Watch Dogs and The Division also blending the modes. We can add another contender to the ring in Get Even.

Developed by The Farm 51, the team behind Painkiller: Hell And DamnationGet Even is a near-future shooter that will use the memories of the game’s characters to tell its story. What looks to set this game apart from the smattering of upcoming futuristic shooters on the next-gen horizon though, is the promise of graphical fidelity like you’ve never seen combined with gameplay that will further blur the lines between single player and multiplayer action.

Imagine walking into a hostage situation and coming face-to-face with three enemies. They could simply be AI combatants but they could also just as easily be enemy players who have joined your game with the sole purpose of bringing about your failure. Seemingly similar to Dark Souls approach to invading other players’ games, Get Even could generate a seriously tangible sense of tension if this is implemented correctly. This begs the question of whether the lack of distinction between single and multiplayer is a good thing though. While it may work on paper, if the balance between the ‘main’ player and enemy grunts is off, the game as a whole could find itself suffering. Alongside games like Titanfall that put such a multiplayer story, it will be interesting to see how they are received by gamers.

Turning back to the promise of unparalleled “photo-realistic” graphics, in order to achieve this lofty claim The Farm 51 will be making use of 3D scanning technology called Thorskan to generate the imagery that will hopefully make gamers’ collective eyes pop out of their skulls. Check out the teaser trailer below to get your first look at what could turn out to be gaming’s prettiest title yet:

Get Even Teaser Trailer

The teaser looks impressive, but how likely is it that the final game will be able to match this lofty promise? Even if it does, the dangers of the uncanny valley could be a serious concern. At this point though, it’s impossible to tell. As it stands, Get Even represents a series of intriguing promises that could very well push the technological envelope and show off what next-gen consoles are really capable of while wrapping it all up in a package that seems almost reminiscent of the original Deus Ex‘s gritty, futuristic environment.

Whether it’s a significant jump in graphical fidelity you’re looking for or tense gameplay that blurs the line between AI and player characters, Get Even is shaping up to be a title that could find its way into most-anticipated lists. If the Thorskan technology is as sophisticated as the teaser trailer makes it out to be, it could quickly become an integral part of the new console generation’s growing phase.

Do you think Get Even will manage to live up to its promise of “photo-realistic” graphics? Would you rather developers draw a line between single and multiplayer content?


Get Even is slated to make its way onto the PS4 and Xbox One in 2015.

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